Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 58: "Aloha"

What's up!?
I am feeling insanely lazy today when writing this email. I think it's because my groove has been all messed up since it's Tuesday! Oh those national holidays. :)
Well our Memorial Day was quite swell. We had a tri-zone activity in Visalia. So, missionaries from the Visalia, Hanford, and Porterville stakes were all there! We had trouble finding a ride, so in desperation, we received permission to call someone from my old stomping grounds of Visalia to see if they'd be able to take us. :) So.. at 7:00AM I texted the veritable King of Hanford..haha..and his lovely musically talented wife came and picked us up in their fabulous hybrid!! Amazing!! What a sacrifice on a holiday. But we appreciated it greatly as it allowed us to go booowwwllliinnnggggg!!!! The first game I wasn't quite up to my best...but then I dominated the second game. Poor other sister missionaries. :) I only got 152...but hey for not bowling for over 1.5 years, I was pretty pleased! It was so weird to see everyone in civilian clothes. But it was insanely comfortable. And I have a battle wound to remember the day by! A beautiful blister on my thumb. But so be it!! The Elders were crazy and a group of them decided not to play for the score, but to try and see who could throw the bowling ball the fastest. This began to involve them running from the back of the facility to get enough speed to throw the ball quickly. One elder got it to 26.47 miles per hour! Hahah. Amazing how they amuse themselves. :)
When we arrived to Lemoore, it was run run run!! We had a little latina gathering where we learned how to make tres leches cake. Deliciosa!!!! It was so amazing. A recent convert taught us and it was absolutely inspired. Haha. We ate some of the cake for breakfast. There are so many benefits to serving a mission. :)
This week was full of MORE MEETINGS. We had Zone Conference on Thursday and then the Trainer and Trainee Meeting on Friday. I am officially exahusted. Sister Pena and I hobble around like abuelitas these days. Haha. Usually we loosen up by the end of the day, but then it's time to sleep on our beds that are like rocks. ;) What a cycle!!
This week I conquered some personal goals I had and have learned the importance of communicating! I definitely just let everything all out this week and we had some quite precious companionship inventories...but things are way better! I decided that I could either pout and be frustrated and not have the Spirit, or actually communicate and resolve things that were on my mind! Gasp! What a concept. :) Could I be emotionally maturing? Amazing. Lol.
We have some amazing new prospects. We sat down with our Bishop and he went through the ward list and we identified SEVENTY-EIGHT part-member families! 78!!!!! Can you believe that? Don't worry. We have detailed plans to contact them and help those who are ready to learn about the gospel!!
We found more investigators this week, all of them coincidentally spanish-speaking. I am having to work on my Spanish as I have been asked whether or not I'd be comfortable taking over a FULL spanish ward with a comapanion who knows no spanish. Oh boy. More growing experiences in the future!
We started teaching an English class this week using a program called "Daily Dose" that the Church distributes. It's amazing! And totally unorthodox. You all stand in a circle by a poster and in the "huddle" there is ONLY spanish. It was amazing to see our lovely spanish-speakers so quickly progress and master some basic phrases!
Things are going great!

Hermana Bolliger

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