Monday, June 6, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 59: Sisters' Meeting, Awesome Mission President & Sister Gonzalez, More Spanish Adventures :)

This week was another crazy one!
We had a Sisters' Meeting at the Mission Home and it was such a wonderful opportunity to talk about things relating to sisters and to see all 18 of us gather together! Cute Sister Bayasal's english is AMAZING and Sister Clark (another I trained) is now step-training! It's awesome to see them all grow up. :) Sister Gonzalez is hilarious and had me help her with the food while the other sisters learned about bike stuff. I am going to be so sad to see President and Sister Gonzalez leave!! We had a splendid time learning about our purpose as women in the gospel and it was a great time to bond together!
While we were there, I snuck away to ask President permission for me to attend a baptism that weekend. A family I taught with Sister To'a in Fresno 5th was getting baptized that weekend, and I so desperately wanted to go! She had called President a few months earlier to ask permission for me to attend--but the baptism didn't end up working out that weekend. I reminded President of some of the crazy things he had put me through before asking (haha) and I got the go ahead! So, that Saturday I went to Fresno (and had a dear sister in the ward drive us) and got to witness the baptism of Amanda and Madison Corpuz! I didn't know that Brother Corpuz was able to baptize them, so that was a wonderful treat to see them all unite together as a family! I was so touched to see the journey of this family and it was extra-special to be back in an area I had served in before. :) We ended the time in Fresno with a stop at In-N-Out. What could have been better? ;)
Celia--an investigator we found three weeks ago--will be baptized this weekend! She is absolutely amazingly prepared and is so excited to show her love to her Heavenly Father by being baptized. She is about 50 years old, and is my first all-Spanish investigator that I have found, taught, and then baptized! She loves Church and her little granddaughter Jackie calls me her "Hermana con lentes" -- her Sister with glasses. I seem to always wear my glasses there because since they're so close to the lecheria that the dirt just does not jive with the contacts. Little Jackie is only 3 and can speak circles around me in Spanish...but I still practice with her nonetheless. :)
This Sunday at Fast and Testimony meeting, one of our investigators bore his testimony! I was talking with him about what a testimony was and he replied that he didn't have one. Well, I then began to ask him questions about how he felt at this Church and about God. Then, he came to the conclusion that he DOES have a testimony! I joked around with him that he should go and share it with the ward. Well...he was like, only if you do first! I then looked and him and felt a bit sorry for the kid, because he did not realize which Sister Missionary he was dealing with! I love speaking in public! So then I immediately stood up and walked to the front. Hahahha. I think I might have had a smirk on my face as I walked back down to the bench. But he did it!! He was SO nervous but was able to share that although it is hard for him to pray sometimes, that as he has been praying he has been feeling the calm and peace that he needs. And, that as he attends this Church he feels something different. Taadaa!
We have been finding MORE spanish investigators. And I have been sacrificing the English language and only talking in Spanish with Sister Pena. President and other of my priesthood leaders have been hinting that I might be taking over a Spanish Ward with a companion that doesn't know any Spanish. Heh heh. :) So I'm kicking the Spanish learning into high gear!!
There have been lots of things that I have been learning about myself and the gospel and I cannot believe I only have THREE TRANSFERS LEFT! Ahhhhhhhhhh. I am beginning to have pesadillas (can't remember the English word) at night about civilian life. Lol. But I know that change is part of life and am trying to start accepting that now!!

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