Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 32:

You know you're getting older when you start acting like your mother. The most uncanny thing, though, is when your new companion acts EXACTLY like your mother. From paying with change to hilarity, this transfer feels very familiar. :)

We've been hard up for service in this area and when the call came to help a sister in the ward bake pies we jumped on it! We were schooled in the art of pie crust making and all things delicious and now know some very special secrets that will assist us in pie making in the future! We made two pumpkin pies, one berry pie, one lemon meringue pie, one apple crumb pie, and one cherry pie. It was quite a feat! I think Sister Denton and I were most impressed with the full-functioning kitchen that we were able to walk around. As we quite frequently eat out of tupperware containers left from leftovers, seeing pots and pans and bowls and measuring spoons and ridiculousness was amazing.

Turkey day was next and Sister Denton and I were able to recover from being a bit under the weather to go to Thanksgiving dinner! The food was DELICIOUS and slathered with butter--but it was definitely worth it. :) We were able to take our dessert on the go so I am successful in another Thanksgiving of never having pie! Yes! Sister Denton is still trying to convert me to the pie ways...but I don't think I'll ever be a fan.

On many a TV this week there was football playing. One home we visited actually had the BYU-Utah game on...and when I glanced at the score BYU was winning. I think I'll remember the game that way. :)

Sister Denton and I have been chortling away the transfer--it's just going too fast! We both have attention and hearing problems so it makes for a fun time...all the time! Sister Denton only has one lung and I have been using that information to my advantage. I've written poems about it and I always think that she's talking about her lung. She's got a little twang that reminds me of home and we reminisce about being a Texan. Mostly we talk about brisket. California has this cut of meat called tri-tip and I think the reason they like it is by the time that you have got it cut and chewed, you have worked out all the calories that it contains. It's like the new celery. I pray for brisket frequently. Haha.

Sister Denton and I continue to get ourselves into real ridiculous situations. One of the members of our ward had their house broken into over Thanksgiving. A car was stolen among some other miscellaneous items. We went there for dinner last night. Because we are COMPLETELY out of miles we got a ride there and had a ride arranged to pick us up from the dinner appointment. However, the meal finished earlier than we thought and the members had some other places to be. Sister Denton and I went outside and checked on some investigators nearby but then went back near the house of the members as that's where our ride expected us to be. We were both dressed in black (as our warm clothes are coincidentally all the same color) and it was very dark outside--courtesy of Daylight Savings. All of a sudden we saw that the members were leaving their house and pulling out of their driveway. In our very female and very crazy redhead brains we thought we would hide behind some trees next to their home---embarrassed that we were still waiting for our ride. However, as the car reversed from the home, it continued to reverse to the location where we were sheepishly hiding. Sister Denton, having some common sense that I lack, began to wave hello. We then heard a relieved sigh, "Oh, it's the Sisters." The precious members thought that we were the robbers, returning again to finish the job. Oh aren't we special. He asked what we were doing, and I pleasantly responded that we were trying our best to be creepy. The response? "You succeeded." As the members drove away, Sister Denton and I had a moment that frequently graces our companionship--one of stifled laughter and shock of embarrassment.

The mission as a whole is experiencing some refiner's fire moments..and I think this is the time that will define what kind of a missionary I truly am. There are many opportunities and seemingly justified situations to complain and become frustrated, but I'm trying my best to keep the holiday spirit alive and keep going forth in this area to do what needs to be done!

The weather is getting cold and staying cold as Sister Denton and I do not like using our heater--that's what layers are for! We are going through hot chocolate like crazy and I am grateful for the many socks and slippers---in addition to my Snuggie---that help keep me warm! I am hearing a lot about the fog that is coming soon and am not that excited for another random weather change in the Valley!

Sister Bolliger - still the younger :)

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 15: It was Thanksgiving week so not much happened.

Nothing really happened this past week as it was Thanksgiving. My companion got sick as well but is doing better no. It was Thanksgiving week so really not much happened

I sent an email about Sister Bowler who was from my last ward and is the one who emailed. She is visiting family in Texas and wants to stop by cause her family lives just north in Georgetown by that Mighty Fine Burger off of the 35. Ya'll should meet her and Brother Bowler, they are an awesome family. Me and Elder Hall got really close to them.

I now understand so much more why we did things at home and past experiences. Its like a ton of my life has been thrown into retrospection because of this and sometimes I just need to move on to the future and how to better myself. Although I will say my thirst for knowledge of the gospel has never been greater. Whenever we go over to members and they have church historical books I always love pulling them out and reading them and slowly but surely my knowledge of the old & new testament is increasing. I finished Jesus the Christ just the other day.

We go to the gospel essentials/principles etc every week with investigators/recent converts/ less actives etc. Sister Bowler said that one of the people we worked with in our last ward was making good life changing decisions. Cool!

-Elder Bolliger

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 31: Getting Older... Maybe Wiser Too?

Talofa from Sister Bolliger who is, as of today, the ripe old age of 22. I started off the birthday morning by a brisk jog around the neighborhood and was able to watch the sun rise over the mountains. It was gorgeous! It was then followed by a ridiculous district meeting. We jokingly offered a manual on how to interact with sister missionaries which I may write after the unbelievable events of the morning. :)

This week has been crazy! Sister Bayasal headed off to Turlock early Wednesday morning and I waited with Sister Hernandez for maybe four hours for our companions. We did really exciting things like fill prescriptions, get our flu shots, and use coupons. Haha. I can't believe we're both STILL here in Visalia!

My new companion, Sister Denton, is the bomb dot com. She has been out for a little over a year, and is seriously hilarious! We are both pasty white with red hair and we have that Texas gumption that makes life altogether enjoyable. She is a fan of the lame humor and has sarcasm that is inspiring. We have an unusual number of similarities that continue to freak us out. :) A few of importance is the same laundry basket, same running shoes, and propensity to say the same thing at the same time. Also included is affinity for shopping and being very good at impersonating others. Haha. It is so nice to be able to communicate with a companion. Sister Denton is seriously not only what this area needed, but what I needed! We're here to baptize and we are very excited to get to it!

Sister Denton has got a little twang that always makes me feel like I'm in Texas. She resided in Tyler before the mish but we won't hold that against her. :) I would give anything for an H-E-B around here though..

We have been continuing to receive free things which I guess is a natural perk of being a missionary in an area for so long. You have to make friends! Haha. There is a store in the area that is owned by a member in Clovis, actually the Ward Mission Leader of one of Sister Denton's previous wards. From some coaxing from another individual that knew him, we were able to wrangle up some free frozen yogurt! I was able to put all of my toppings on and commune with those in the ward over a delicious treat. It was Sister Denton's first night in Visalia and I figured it was an appropriate welcome to the area. :) We also have received free pies, leftovers from get togethers, coupons, and it's almost as if people are catching the Thanksgiving spirit by giving us ridiculous amounts of food! I remember explaining to Sister Bayasal how we celebrate Thanksgiving---by eating. And oh my goodness if this past week is an indicator of what will happen when the real Thanksgiving hits, my oh my, we'll be having lots of food to share!

I am trying to think of something clever to share but I honestly can't come up with a thing. It is really warm in this library and I think it is lulling me to sleep. The man in front of me is looking up cheats for his video game of choice while the woman next to him is researching houses. And somewhere someone is listening to jazzy eighties clavichord stuff that is waay too loud. Just another day in a public library!

I have been really studying this week how we receive revelation. It is interesting how in Doctrine and Covenants 138 that particular revelation was received as President Joseph F. Smith "sat...pondering over the scriptures." It was when he was "reflecting" upon the Atonement and reading his scriptures that "the eyes of [his] understanding were opened." I thought this may have been a one time thing, but then today I was reading in 1 Nephi 11 and saw that Nephi received his revelation after having a desire to know, a belief that the Lord could make things known unto him, and again, he "sat pondering in [his] heart" when he was "caught away in the Spirit of the Lord." I guess this means I need to sit more often? Haha. Jk. I think what I have noticed on the mission is that there are so many distractions that we allow to come in between us and our Heavenly Father. On the mission we get to have the majority of them taken away--we don't listen to music that drives away the spirit, we don't read books other than the scriptures, our lives are all focused on listening and following the Spirit. Because our other worldly concerns are taken care of we are able to not let outward anxiety cause us to distance ourselves from the source of lasting peace. If we don't take time to be still and give the Spirit time and space to enlighten us with our answers and impressions, then we're not going to receive the direction that we need. In seeing a variety of people in various stages on their pathway and commitment to the gospel, I am seeing that most often the problems with testimony are user errors. It's not the hardware or the software, it's the lack of dedication, understanding, or humility of the user. Sometimes we can just become lazy and I think it is a constant battle to always remain focused as to our purpose here on earth. I am so grateful that I have been able to understand this concept just a little bit more and I hope that I can continue to see this as clearly when other demands on my time enter into my life.

Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Sister Bolliger - the younger and wiser?!

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 14: Sick and Here Comes Thanksgiving/First Snow/People Coming Out of the Woodwork

Well this past week has been uneventful, I really haven't been able to do much missionary work due to the fact that I have had a really super nasty sore throat that turned into some asthma lower respiratory and knocked me out this past week. So this week has been full of not being able to really breathe really well or do anything for that matter. It really is no fun to be sick.

Well this next week is thanksgiving! Which I personally can't wait for turkey, pumpkin pie and food in general.

My Companion is a very good teacher and knows how to smooth out a conversation. He presents it in a good way and follows the Spirit.

This last week we had a miracle, one of our investigators who is the father of a part member family has been investigating the church for more than 7 years has now and decided to be baptized because he feels that it is time. His now 7 year old son wants to get baptized in January and he feels that it is now time. He is pretty much a member without being one. He comes to sacrament every week. He reads, prays, etc. with his family. Just now we need to teach him what he needs to know and prepare him for baptism in January. I'll probably be here then.

Oh on P-day we hang out at members that have a piano. I need to improve my skills, I'm learning the hymns.

Well hopefully this next week some more work can be done as I finally won't be sick.

Elder Bolliger

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 30: Visalia- Official Home for 7 months, Old & New Companions, MANY Resources, Amazing Faith, "It is My Understanding"

Visalia is now my home. Officially.

So news flash, Sister Bolliger is staying in Visalia! Sadly, Sister Bayasal is going to Turlock. :( I thought we'd be together another transfer, but apparently not. What this means, however, is that Sister Bolliger will now have been in this area for six, going on seven, months, will have her sixth companion in the area, and will continue to clean up the apartment in which she resides. :) I'm very excited!

My new companion is Sister Denton, who has red hair (naturally) and spent some of her life in Texas. She also is I think a little bit paler than I am. Whoaaa. Craziness, eh? She has been out for 11 months or so and was just Sister Tupou's companion! She'll come from Modesto tomorrow. :)

We are reaping the miracles of our hard work, and I feel like I have had an epiphany. We had Elder Sybrowsky of the Second Quorum of the Seventy come and speak with us. It was an amazing insight for me in how I can utilize the resources that we have. I thought that "doing everything" was just in reference to myself, and up to this point, I had been doing everything that I as an individual could do to bless the lives of those we were teaching. However, as Elder Sybrowsky enlightened us, there are MANY MANY resources in the ward council, ward missionaries, and in the ward that aren't being used! So, in respect to this, I have completely changed my approach and we are seeing miracles! I had a page for each meeting of specific needs that could be met by each auxiliary. In the past I had thought that my role was more of reporting what was going on with our investigators. However, I see that now the reporting is merely to assist in assignments being given to those in attendance. I feel so much more hope towards this work as I am able to see that I am NOT supposed to do it by myself! In engaging the ward we will not only take the focus off the missionaries, but we will foster relationships that will help the investigators transition and remain fully active following their baptism! I don't know why I didn't see this from the beginning. Haha.

We set a baptismal date last night with an investigator that has an amazing faith in Christ! She's an awesome Mom of four little ones under the age of five. :) It was an awesome experience in following the spirit. I was a little off because I couldn't control the environment or the children, and as we were watching a short video I realized that the Spirit doesn't have to wait for the perfect setting to testify of truth. I then prayed for assistance and realized that the Spirit knew how she was feeling more than I would. Duh. Haha. I then felt incredibly prompted to commit her to baptism. I was semi-nervous due to the fact that I had no idea what she had thought of the message we had shared, but I decided that I was going to follow the spirit 100%. It was probably the best baptismal commitment conversation I have ever had and she was able to share with us how she already knew she needed to be baptized and that she had decided that she had needed to find a church for her family previous to our meeting her. Ta da!

It has been an interesting dynamic since our Zone Conference with Elder Sybrowsky. We have been dropped by a few investigators that aren't willing to progress, but wonderfully, Sister Bayasal and I were able to keep the perspective that the Lord was clearing our schedule to give time to those who were ready now to receive the gospel. As we kept our faith and hope alive, we were able to be blessed with many new investigators just in the next few days and many members alerting us of friends they had invited on church tours and to hear the missionary lessons. Ta da!

I just love this area. I am so glad that I get to stay for my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

A wonderful member just cleaned our carpets for us and enlightened us as to what the mysterious dark marks were on the floor. Shoe polish. Oh Elders that polish their shoes on the carpet and get marks everywhere, why couldn't you have gone two feet to the left and polished on the tile? Sigh. But now it smells delicious and in combination with the candle that I light any and every time we're home, this apartment is ready for the Christmas season!

Sister Bayasal's English has delightfully progressed this week. We finally hit that moment where she has been practicing words that sound very similar to other words in the English language. Needless to say sometimes it is a little off and I just have to smile. I am so sad that she is leaving just as we are able to communicate a lot! Grr. Haha. Her favorite thing to say whenever we pray is, "It is my understanding that it is your turn." Hahahhah. Oh goodness. I am going to miss her!!! Now there is no excuse to have meat every single night. :)

The next time I write I'll be 22! Ahh! Bring on the old age! Haha. Just kidding. :)

Sister Bolliger - the younger :)

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 13: New Area New Companion and On Bike

Hello from San Bernardino California, which is my new area in the San Bernardino 1st ward, which is either over the age of 75 and retired or in government housing.

It was sad saying goodbye to the people in my last Ward. I will really miss them cause I have gotten very close to some of those people there. Focusing on 2 Nephi 31 and the new simplified curriculum are coming really, really well. These teachings have increased our baptisms in our mission by a significant amount.

It sure is a big difference being on a bike compared to being in a car. In a car you can drive around and visit people much faster than on bike where you have to plan everything out in advance.

Well my follow up trainer ( my "mom" in missionary lingo) is Elder Welch from Michigan who has been out longer than 17 months and is only 7 months away from going home.

Yesterday, I baptized Cody in my last ward who is one of the three who was baptized. I confirmed him afterward. It went really, really well. It was very spiritual. It is a very unique experience confirming someone a member of the church and giving them a blessing at the end of it. It's just amazing.

Elder John Bolliger

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 29: Desperate Prayers in Racks of Clothing, In-N-Out!, Indeed Elders Teach, Fevers, Strawberry Smoothie BLAST!

Hello from Visalia.

Things have been ridiculous this week.

It all ended when we needed to go and get my companion some more clothing. With only three shirts, two of which were not really missionary appropriate, it was necessary to do some shopping. We had gone on outings before to find clothing, but they were not very productive. We spent five hours at various stores yesterday, perusing every nook and cranny to find something that my companion would approve of. We were blessed to find two shirts. It's true. Only two shirts. Haha. Which I believe are the direct result of my desperate prayers in the many racks of clothing that we find something so that I could maintain my sanity.

The highlight of the day, however, was that all such shopping was right next to In-N-Out.

The theme of the week has been Sister Bolliger learning to bite her tongue. It is not coincidental that my companion also learned the word "frustrated" this week as I kept uttering it over and over as ridiculous things occurred.

In finding new investigators, we have been going and recontacting former investigators that for some reason stopped having the missionaries at their home. There was one particular man whose record seemed promising and we went to go visit him. After speaking with him on his doorstep, things seemed to be going well. He indicated that he indeed wanted to learn more and that work conflicts had kept him from progressing in the missionary lessons. Then the bomb hit. When asking when a convenient time would be to come back, he said that he didn't want sister missionaries. He wanted the Elders. I was blessed with an abundance of restraint and was able to bite my tongue and NOT inform him of his ridiculous paradigm and discriminatory ideals. Somehow a very understanding and loving voice came from mouth assuring him that we could indeed have some Elders teach him, if he would be willing to learn more.

We got in the vehicle and drove to a nearby member's home where I diffused my anger and my companion got a fever. Seriously. It's not the most reassuring thing when you look to your companion to encourage her to speak and the only "word" that comes out of her mouth is vomit. Hahah. Fortunately this particular sister is awesome and amazing and is so wonderful at inviting her friends on church tours (that's right...I know you're reading this. haha). :) Armed with generous soup and pedialyte we returned to our apartment where I forced my companion to banish all ideas of English from her mind and sleep. Haha.

Onto more uplifting news, Chuck W and Todd B are going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead this Saturday. Todd received the priesthood on Sunday, and they are BOTH so excited to go! In explaining what goes on and what it will be like Chuck is just so ready! He has read three Ensigns I have given him and all of the Family Home Evening manual (and who really has done that?). He also read the old Temple magazine, and says he always wants to keep it because of the pictures of the temple. It's just remarkable to see them grow!!

The ward had SUCH a cute Young Women in Excellence evening and they asked us to help out with the refreshments so the leaders could be full participants in the event. It was SO adorable and a fitness theme.. making personal progress your lifestyle. :) They had refreshments that looked like the things you can buy at a gym or health food place, and so Sister Bayasal and I were in charge of blending the smoothies during the event. Um. Talk about crazy. Sister Bayasal didn't understand how to use the blender and I got a little stressed and at one point stuck a knife into the blender to break up the ridiculously thick smoothie and proceeded to get half of the blender's contents over me, the wall, the floor and Sister Bayasal. I think I still have parts of strawberry stuck in my watch. Hahah. It was enjoyable and really funny. Sister Bayasal does amazing impersonations of me and her favorite thing to impersonate is the loud high-pitched operatic sound I made when the explosion of blender occurred. It was very quietly dignified. Of course. Haha.

We have Zone Conference this week with a member of the Seventy, Elder Sybrowsky, and I am very excited! We're carpooling with the Spanish Sisters to Tulare and I am ready for the uplifting and spiritual day that it will be!!

Press on!
Sister Bolliger

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 12: Leaving Colton & Getting A "Brother!" Pretty Excited to Come Back to Baptize, I am Growing to Like Tempura/Sushi!

Well this past Saturday I heard the news that I was leaving the Colton, CA ward.
Which is some sad news as I have been getting attached to this ward and the awesome people there is in it.

So now I am packing up tonight for the first time since the MTC. I have absolutely no idea where I am going from here. It could be anywhere, but it will be the right place for me. This next week we have a baptism with the 3 kids which a family friend is baptizing one, and I am baptizing one of the twins, and my companion is baptizing the other one! So wherever I am I will be coming back for it, and I am pretty excited.

Well my current companion is training again so I will have a "brother" after this next transfer so that makes it 1 "brother" and 1 "sister" of mine.

(Definitions from John's Mom: Apparently in the California San Bernardino Mission they have some ways to remember who you've been companions with. From my best guess, Your "dad" is your first companion that trains you after you leave the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT. Your "brother" is your second companion that trains you. Your "dad's" first trainer would be your "grandpa." I am not clear who the "sister" is....)

Well in my zone I found out a couple weeks ago that one of my zone leaders who has been on a mission over a year is from Australia. He is my birthday brother as he was born the same day as I was a year earlier. He is an awesome Samoan guy and is probably gonna be going to either UVU or BYU to play rugby.

Well this past weekend I went with my "Dad" and "Grandpa" (who is going home tomorrow) to a place called Yoshi Sushi. Well I am growing to get a taste for sushi and tempura (which is cooked sushi) its actually really good and I hope to grow my taste for seafood so me and Katie can go get some sushi when we are back home.

Well I hope yall have a good week.

Elder Bolliger

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia, CA Week 28: "Miracle of the Mucinex and the Scriptures," Toothbrush Attack, Time to Study Scriptures, Ponder & Pray

This week I have seen the miracles of mucinex and the scriptures. A random mix? Not for a sick Sister Missionary. :)

I woke up last Tuesday morning with a sore throat. Was such a nuisance going to deter me from spreading the gospel AND germs? Of course not. Wednesday my voice began to go. Thursday the temperature started to rise. And then Friday it was no use. I was ill. It was the day of weekly planning so we were in our apartment for quite some time planning for the week, but venturing out in the cold and passing out candy at the trunk-or-treat didn't help my condition much at all. And looking back on it, I probably single handedly could have infected the entire ward.

Oh my.

But...according to the majority of Visalians, I am suffering from allergies. They are "shaking the walnut trees" as people like to say. Apparently this helps the nuts fall? So I'm blaming the sickness on those walnut trees that are being shaken. And I almost made a joke about their bark...but I want to spare the world from my antihistamine-induced stupor. Haha.

Mucinex once again saved the day. It's amazing how that medication works. I slept wonderfully and had way too much sleep. Poor Sister Bayasal was sick too and we would just kind of lay there and wonder what time it was, only so that we would know if we needed to take our medicine again. Many many boxes of tissues later, we're on the recovery. :)

As soon as I was semi-back on my feet, preparation day rolled around. I had been frustrated with the uncleanliness of our apartment so I took a toothbrush to the baseboards. Hahahha. Honestly. I guess I had a lot of energy from all of that sleeping and I kept muttering to myself and proceeded to clean all of the baseboards and tile of our two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment with that toothbrush. Two and a half hours later I was satisfied. And then I had to take a nap from the exertion. I'm not so great at slowly easing back into work. Needless to say we will be needing a new old toothbrush for further cleaning excursions.

With all of the ridiculousness of our health this week, I have had a lot of time to ponder the scriptures and to pray. I have lost my cool a few times this week, I blame it on the impending illness, and have been seeking for an extra outpouring of the Spirit to know what I need to do here in Visalia. I have been here since June and sometimes I get frustrated as it seems like I haven't done a thing since I got here. A series of scriptures has helped me and seemed enlightening as I have been pondering the messages of the gospel.

Romans 1:16 just reaffirmed my purpose as a missionary: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth." John 14:27 answered a similar struggle with the reassuring phrase: "Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid." I guess I should paraphrase. We tracted into a preacher. And I didn't handle it as gracefully as I could have. Not that there was any bible-bashing going on but I got a bit flustered, our phone went off, and he was trying to make some moves...and I had no idea how to respond. I did my usual laughing strategy which was okay, but I was not pleased. After we left I got frustrated with myself questioning how I was representing the Lord because of my weaknesses, and went to the scriptures for the answers. Which is the best thing to do anyway. :)

Regarding frustrations with things not going the way I want them to a few scriptures also shed some light. Doctrine and Covenants 64:32-34 states: "But all things must come to pass in their time. Wherefore be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great. Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind..." And then to give some comfort with investigators that chose not to follow the path we were showing them Doctrine and Covenants 45:29 offered this insight: "But they receive it not; for they perceive not the light, and they turn their hearts from me because of the precepts of men." I want to help people see this light! Which means that I need much more of the spirit with me to help me! And last but not least Doctrine and Covenants 42:14 tells me how to receive more of the spirit: "And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith; and if ye receive not the spirit ye shall not teach."

These scriptures in conjunction with the fact that I read half of the Bible Dictionary shows the productivity of my weekend of illness. :)

Sister Bayasal and I are reading the Book of Mormon out loud together several times a day and I am so amazed at how well she is learning to read!!!

Sister Bolliger

Monday, November 1, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 11: Awesome Experience at the Redlands Temple. The Work is Starting to Increase, Its All Rushing By!

Well this last week has been filled with some awesome times with my trainer. This will be a short letter though.

We went to the Redlands CA temple with some people from our ward and it was an awesome experience.

This last week while I was on exchanges with the other companionship Elder Hall and another elder in my district committed a guy we met only a week before, and a week ago Sunday was the primary program and when it started he came in and sat by Elder Hall and 4 days later we committed him to baptism. So the work in this area is starting to increase. But this next week Elder Hall will probably go to another area and I'll get follow up trained.

But once again this next week we have district meetings all this next week and then its off to transfer meetings again.
Holy Cow how fast its all rushing by!

Elder Bolliger