Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 19: the Giantess, Special Mini-Mission, Mighty Miracles Staying Awake, Poked Him in the Eye, Alma 42,

Salutations from Sister Bolliger---the giantess.

My precious trainee is Sister Clark from Cottonwood Heights, Utah. I guess I just can't get away from the Bengals! That's right--she's a Brighton High graduate! She's half Bolivian and half Japanese and is one of TWENTY-ONE children in her family! They are all adopted and my-oh-my what stories she has to share! And the best part of it all is that...duh duh duhhh...she is FOUR FEET TEN INCHES TALL! It's hilarious. I absolutely love it!!!! She's so cute and fun and takes correction so well. A good thing as I am practicing as best I can.

Man does the mission make you just grow and grow! We are seeing many mighty miracles again. :) And most of it revolves around being flexible. Imagine that!

We got a call at 2PM on Friday from our Zone Leaders telling us that we would be having a mini-missionary with us for the weekend, and that we would need to cancel everything for the night and drive to the next town over, Hanford. Yup. That's right. They have something in the Hanford Stake called "Special Ops" where priest age young men and laurel age young women are able to be set apart and go out with missionaries on splits for the entire weekend. We were able to have Sister Ashby join us and it was so much fun! We even did a Church tour with all three of us (Sister Clark's first) and I was so proud of them!

I must digress and tell you of my favorite purchase of the week. We were at Target after Sister Clark got her hair cut yesterday, and I found these cards. They are black alligator skin cards in LIME GREEN ENVELOPES. I don't think anything else screams Sister Bolliger--do you? I really have random priorities on relaying information about the mission don't I. :)

I feel the hand of the Lord leading and guiding the work in this area. Especially me. Since coming to the mission I have not had one day where I have not fallen asleep in the morning. It doesn't matter when I showered or how much I resolved, I would either fall asleep after exercise or during personal study. I agonized after President asked me to train--because I knew that even more I needed the time to study the gospel for personal and spiritual strength and to be an example for my companion. The night before I was to meet Sister Clark, I just laid it ALL out for the Lord. I told Him that this was time to qualify those that are called because I can't be the example that I need to be on my own. And miracle of miracles I have stayed awake EVERY SINGLE MORNING since Sister Clark has come!!! I am not kidding you this is the best miracle and gift that I could receive from Heavenly Father at this time. I have been so mad at myself for not being able to have the ability to do this, but I guess I am seeing Ether 12:27 in action. As I have come unto Heavenly Father, I have been shown my weaknesses. I now am understanding that Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses that we may be humble; and the grace of Heavenly Father IS sufficient for me as I humble myself before Him. As I humble myself before Him and have that faith in Him, weak things are being made strong in my life. AKA, I am able to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and STAY AWAKE for the entire day!!

My competitve self is probably another weakness I should allow the Lord to help me with. We were playing an intense game of Gatorball (amazing game by the way) with the Zone. Sister Bolliger being very unskilled in hand-eye coordination has to do her part to contribute and release her aggression. Therefore, at one point when an Elder was coming near our goal, I stuck my hand out (which was a thoughtless move, btw) and POKED HIM IN THE EYE. Not only did I poke him, but I managed to move his contact out of his eye! To be lost forever! I guess wearing contacts for so long comes in handy (hah hah) when dealing with the opposition. I also went for another Elder's head and got a hand full of gel. Gross. I guess they need whatever they need to make the parts in their hair. Geez louise. Needless to say, my team lost, but it wasn't without my full and violent participation. I have received a nickname from an Elders...Oh I don't think I'll ever live laser tag down. Haha.

The events of the weekend have put a damper on the spirits of the stake, but some great counsel from the mission president has helped us refocus on what we are here to do. We as missionaries are here to help lift and build and proclaim the very truths that give comfort in such a time as this. The Plan of Salvation is true and gives so much guidance and understanding as to the purpose of this life. I find that having the bigger perspective, not allowing myself to be discouraged or distracted by the things I cannot comprehend or see because of the circumstances of this life, allow me to feel the peace and assurance of the truth. President Gonzalez read Alma 42 with us and it was amazing. We read verse by verse and as a Zone discussed the principles of the gospel. I was overwhelmed with an incredible feeling of the truthfulness of the gospel and my gratitude of a Heavenly Father that allows a plan for us where both mercy and justice can be satisfied. I am so grateful for this knowledge and for the Church structure where all are able to find help and attention at such tragic times.

Sister Bolliger

Monday, August 30, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 2: Rialto Zone, Fed VERY WELL!, still a "Greenie", 2 Nephi 9, Follow promptings of the Spirit, Be Safe & Strong!

Thank you for the letters.

I am in Colton, in the Rialto Zone, Zip Code 92410.

Right now our ward is pretty good and we are fed very well!
They are not pranking me anymore. It seriously was pretty dang epic.

Well I really haven't talked much in a lesson as I am still a greenie and I really haven't learned any lesson past the second lesson. But I am getting more accustomed to talking to people.

We are learning a new teaching method, and the main problem is investigators not progressing. But the new method will make it more direct and bold. We actually set a date for a man to be baptized and we got another one as an inactive mother came back and wants her 9 year old daughter to be baptized.

My current favorite scripture is 2 Nephi 9. It is awesome about the atonement.

Most of my concerns about gangs and attacks have been unfounded. Most of the time, gang members don't mess with missionaries as they are superstitious about messing with missionaries out of fear from God. So that, coupled with following the promptings of the spirit, will keep you pretty safe most of the time for which I am really glad about.

Be safe and strong in the gospel.

Elder Bolliger

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia, CA Week 18: Duh duh duh duhhhh TRAINING!, Talk to the Wall, I'm Crazy, Chuck's Wonderful Baptism! 50% Mormon Investigator!

Dearest people:

I have some news to share with you. Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Sister Lemalu is being transferred to Riverview ward (my first area!) and I, Sister Bolliger, am remaining in Visalia 3rd ward and TRAINING. That's right. Training. I'm getting the newbie. And boy oh boy are my bowels responding to this news! Yeah, I said that. Haha.

Let me recount to you the circumstances that are now dictating my pain. We were minutes away from Chuck's baptismal service when Sister Lemalu indicated to me that we had a missed call from who other than President Gonzalez. Oiaue! The precious voicemail stated, "Sister Bolliger, this is President Gonzalez. I'd love to talk with you. Please give me a call as soon as you can!" My stomach instantly dropped. I screeched out to the people assembled, "President wants me to call him!" I then realized that I might have taken away the Spirit with my loud, albeit sincere, statement and rushed outside where we get reception to call him back.

On the phone leaning against the red brick wall outside the Church, I made the attempt. President has this precious little scenario he goes through every time he asks someone to do something ridiculous. It goes as follows, and was recounted to me at this time: "Sister Bolliger, do you love the Lord?" and then "Are you willing to do whatever he asks of you? Even if it's hard?" Blah blah blah. I knew the bomb was coming and then it hits: "Sister Bolliger, will you train the new sister missionary coming into the mission?" I said yes. Duh duh duhhhhhhh. Hahah. This is ridiculous. After hanging up the phone I then talked to the wall and responded with my concerns, knowing that it would be more understanding then President. Hahah. "Um, brick wall, I have only been out four months. There are tons of other sisters that would do a better job. Um, President, I'm crazy. And craziness doesn't jive with quiet dignity well." I then realized that I was talking to a brick wall and went inside for the baptism. Wonderfully enough Elder Arnold and Elder Tipa were watching me through the door with Sister Lemalu. My crazy reputation stands.

Then Chuck's baptism went off without a hitch--except for the part where we ask people ahead of time to be witnesses. Oops! I played the piano, Sister Lemalu led, the best talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost were given, and Chuck was baptized by precious Brother Lewis! Chuck being the cowboy he is didn't plug his nose, and Brother Lewis actually lost hold of Chuck as he was in the water (that man's all muscle!) but somehow we all survived and Chuck was baptized by the proper priesthood authority of God. :) It was wonderful and he had new church pants--and they're pinstriped--(no more wranglers!) and was basically awesome! He was confirmed in Church last Sunday and my goodness it was a beautiful blessing where it talked about him sharing the gospel with his family and being that example to those he came in contact with! He's riproarin ready for the priesthood and we're so excited at how the ward is fellowshipping him and helping him grow!

Something I learned is that I have to learn to love and live in the moment. So frequently on the mission I have stated, "Oh, I'll recognize my efforts when I finally see a baptism." Or, "I'll be happy about my service when I can see someone baptized." Wrong. Well not only are baptisms insanely stressful, but I came to realize that I was postponing or waiting to be happy and appreciate the time I have as a missionary. Phew! So much to learn. It was so wonderful to see Chuck baptized but the work keeps moving on! He transitioned from investigator to recent convert almost faster than I could blink and my goodness! So much change!

Another favorite investigator told us today that she's 50% Mormon and 50% in her feelings and has decided to no longer affiliate herself with her other church. Ahhh. She is feeling the spirit and changing and growing and it is so hard but she is doing it! And we cry together and boy do I have 4-5 pages of notes with scriptures and quotes and ideas and things to discuss with her. She is the best and is helping us become the best! We just love her!

Ahhhhh. Ridiculousness is my middle name apparently. There is much for me to understand and learn! And I just kind of pray and keep going and try my darndest to get the Lord's work done here! I have also discovered a wonderful frozen yogurt shop that is also making life in Visalia wonderful!!

Pray for me and especially my new companion from Cambodia that she'll be able to deal with the craziness of Sister Bolliger!!

Much Love!

Sister Bolliger

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 1 - Greenie Pranked or Punked?, Being "Normal", Investigators to Teach, Pretty Sweet Mission!

Holy cow this last week has gone by pretty quick.I got my trainer and I have been getting "green" dinners all this past week.
I have the youngest trainer of all of the guys, he's been out only 7 1/2 months and is a cool guy from Bountiful, UT. Elder Tyler Hall is his name. And he is a pretty chill guy, more of my style, knows when to have fun and when to work hard. My area is actually really sweet as we have dinners every night and sometimes lunches, right now I am in a car but sometimes I would rather be on a bike. But a lot of my fears of security and stuff like that are pretty much unfounded as no one really messes with the missionaries cause of superstition, even in the lesser demographic areas. So for the most part as long as you aren't stupid you're alright.
I actually did get greenie pranked this last week and it was done pretty well. There is an african-american family in the ward that acted like the mother was the only normal one and everyone else acted all punk and like they had word of wisdom problems and when they answered the door he was all in our faces. Well the first time we went over there they all acted like they didn't want us there and it was a little nerve racking but we went back and they were all chill. It was done pretty well and the first time I was all nervous. So it was a fun thing and I laughed it off and want to do it now to the guy who is coming after Hall.
Well Colton, CA. This is an interesting place, there are some really strong families here. One of them (the Bowlers) have a daughter in the Georgetown ward with the last name of Bowler. I believe they actually visited her a couple of months ago. (She lives by IKEA and that one burger place just up I-35). Small world huh?
Well I am liking my area and really liking being out of the MTC, its a lot more "free" and it's fun yet we are working a good deal with 2 investigators but we still haven't yet done a lot of tracting, I guess we have a lot of good investigators and that's not really a problem. It feels so weird being out here in the field but I haven't gotten a picture of me and my trainer yet so I will have to do that soon.
It feels so weird being out here in the field. One of the APs Brasher was saying that I was one of the "normal" greenies that came out.
Right now I am on the southern border of the mission that borders Riverside, like when we drive down roads the far end of them are in Riverside, so we sometimes call them cause thats where our ward boundry goes up against.

My address is now the 8280 Utica ave ste#150 one.
In this mission its pretty much your "dad" is your trainer, "mom" is your 2nd transfer trainer, you "grandpa" is your trainer's trainer, and uncles,aunts,brothers its all complex but everyone knows their relation to one another.
But my P-Day (preparation day) is on Mondays.
This is a pretty sweet mission and although I am not waking up as early as I should be I am getting better at it. And learning the ropes, although I'm a greenie and what do I know?

Elder Bolliger

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 17: Our First Baptism, Golden Self Referrals, Rapp'n at Doors, Navajo Bronze, Miracles, Sister Grr & Sister Fruit Loops

Hellooo everyone!

Things are going wonderfully here in Visalia. We--duh duh duhhhhhhh--have a baptism this Saturday! Mr. Chuck W sixty-one years old and the craziest and yet coolest cowboy I have ever met. :) We have been teaching him for the last five weeks and he's entering the precious waters of baptism at 3PM on the 21st. We are so excited! The ward hasn't seen a baptism this entire year yet and this is the first one of my mission (I know..took a while, eh?)! He has his baptismal interview tonight and everything is just coming together for this wonderful event! Chuck has read the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, AND the gospel principles manual and it has been such a treat to see him progress in the gospel! The first time he came to church he had his Book of Mormon, two different versions of the Bible, a reading light, three pairs of glasses, his cowboy hat, wranglers, boots and a checkered shirt half-way unbuttoned. :) This last Sunday, he was wearing a white shirt, tie, had a briefcase, wore dark wranglers (haha), and had got a hair cut. It was inspiring! We met with him this morning to go over the different things he had this week in preparation for the baptism and he said that he has been waiting for this day for sixty-one years! He goes to High Priests Quorum and the most wonderful gentleman in the ward is going to baptize him! They help him understand and clarify and it's so exciting to watch him progress in the gospel!

We have another golden investigator: Veronica C! She called the Family History Center here in Visalia and asked to have the missionaries come to her home. :) Nothing like having people refer themselves! Haha. We have since committed her to baptism, had her come to Church, and seen her every day this week! She loves the feeling of the Spirit and has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! She calls us her family and feels like we really are her daughters and that we were the ones meant to help her learn and come into the gospel. It is AMAZING! The funny thing is, her son's best friend is Chuck's grandson!! We've been having somewhat of a challenge engaging Chuck's family in his decision, and Veronica told us that she'd make sure Chuck's grandson came to his baptism! Hahahah. Yessss!

I have uncovered one of Sister Lemalu's excellent skills = beatboxing. FOR REAL! So, I think you must know what this means. If we ever get tired of EFY or MoTab, she just sets down a beat and I start flowin as we go to our appointment. Haha. Sometimes, if the heat is getting to us or if someone isn't answering the door, we start a little rap tambien. I feel like I am just magnifying my talents and helping Sister Lemalu with hers! It's just mutual appreciation. :)

I dyed my hair yesterday. It was looking nasty nasty and a weird color gradient from blonde to weird blonde to red. It's now Navajo Bronze! It's darker and much more fun! It kind of glistens in the sun and it was a real bonding experience in the apartment. Haha jk. Aka it felt just like college! We were all wearing jeans because it was preparation day and we were getting ready for a zone activity and I had my newly colored hair. It was much much fun. I was initially going to go with the egyptian plum color, but I think that would have literally colored my hair purple! Hahah. I thought that might be a little bit too extreme...ya know? :)

There are just so many miracles we are seeing in this area. Former investigators are progressing once more and are responding to our desire to love them and serve them and help them! Less actives are excited for our visits and are beginning to build their faith (without them even knowing it....sneaky I know!).

The ward is starting to learn our names. Sister Lemalu and I are asking them as part of our commitments we leave with members to pray for us by name, which in order to do they must first learn our names. Hehe. Which is easier said than done! The little kids are the best at it so far although there's one three year old who calls us Sister Grrrr and Sister Fruit Loops. :)

It's time for transfers again, and this Saturday we get the phone calls that determine our futurreeeeee. I don't want to leave! And I want Sister Lemalu as my companion. Haha. Seriously! I secretly hope that I'm made junior companion again--haha less responsibility--but who knows what the future will bring!

I can't believe that it's been 4.5 months I've been out...and that the summer has already ended for almost all of the kids here in Visalia!

My poor hands can't take any more typing! I love y'all lots! And loved hearing about John's phone call from the airport!!!

Sister Bolliger

Monday, August 16, 2010

Elder Bolliger - MTC Week 3:Trip to Provo Temple/Knowledge Growing Exponentially/I Love Letters/Seeing Lots of Friends/Flying to CA!

Well familia its been quite an experience here at the MTC. Today is our last Pday and we are going to go to the temple in an hour for a session. I have learned a great deal here at the mtc. Me and Elder Thurston's companionship has really grown a good amount and now we are on good terms. Its been a growing and learning experience that is unlike anything I have ever gone through. Tomorrow we fly out and I get to call from the airport! yay.

Holy cow my knowledge of the gospel has grown exponentially, I can now pretty much teach the first & second lessons from memory but I am still working on finding supporting scriptures for them. But one of my favorite scriptures for the atonement is now 2 Nephi 9, & it has a lot of great stuff (like how the atonement is infinite or how the atonement rescues us from being forever in the devils grasp).

I have got a lot of pictures but I won't be sending them home until next week at the earliest and make sure that they are properly backed up in multiple places. I'm counting on yall.

Our TRCs this week went over actually pretty well and we had a good experience doing them, we taught lesson 2 and we fixed some mistakes we made in the first one.

I got a letter from Sister March about how much she appreciated my talk on giving forgiveness and that helped her.

So while I have been here at the MTC I have met Elder Chris McNeil, Elder Nick Lush, Elder Austin Huntsman, Elder Tucker Hancock (from georgetown ward I think) as well as many others from BYU (like my old hometeacher, past roomates, and 2 current roomates from this last term).

Well its really crazy how small of a world it is here at the MTC. But I've got to go to the temple now so seeya later!

Well tomorrow I fly out to the California Ontario airport (only a 2 hour flight). I know some people that have flights around 30+ hours including layovers. So flying out to the mission will take less time than driving from the mission home. lol.

If you write me, I'll write you back.... I need your address first :)

Elder John Bolliger

California San Bernardino Mission Home
8280 Utica Ave., Ste 150
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

Elder Bolliger

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 16: "Watch Out for Her Laser Gun- epilog", "Chanco ... correcting with love," Amazing investigator & mild drinks

Greetings! Another week down and do the crazy times just keep rollin!

I think this week would most be likened to an intense slap in the face. Sister Hernandez and I might have somewhat been like Laman and Lemuel and doing a bit of murmuring about our situations.. At Zone Conference we cornered Sister Gonzalez about that laser tag issue, etc. She raised her eyebrows and told us that she would talk to El Presidente. Well, we got a phone call that night from him asking us to come to the trainer & trainee meeting at the mission home. Sisters Haglund and Hernandez were going to be there anyway so we carpooled so that we could all talk to President. So, he first started by interviewing us individually, and then talked to us all together. The entire day was probably the most humbling and enlightening experience I have ever had. Haha. Seriously. I was able to look at things in a different (and much better) light, and realize so many things I needed to change and repent for. It has been a lot to process but it has incredibly helped. I am so grateful to have a mission president that cares enough to give us the time for specific instruction and teaching! While our faces may still feel like they're stinging, it was for the best. And my-oh-my am I glad that I have 14 more months to figure everything out! And try and learn as much as possible! It's kind of scary to think what I would be like if I hadn't come on a mission... Duh duh duhhhhhhh.

Well, as we are all communicating and doing well and having probably TOO much fun.

Speaking of fun, the other day we were at the grocery store and saw some pinatas. And happened to see one that would be a wonderful addition to a little part we're having with the four of us for Sister Hernandez's year mark and Sister Haglund's birthday. He looks like a little bullfighter...sparkly belt and all. We call him: "Chanco." Sooo, today Sister Lemalu and I were in charge of the role play in our district meeting. So we brought our pinata man with us. And he had my nametag. We were practicing correcting with love. And it is probably the MOST hilarious thing that I have ever been a part of. :) These poor Elders. We were all figuratively rolling on the ground---while OF COURSE being instructed and learning from one another. I am going to be sad when transfers come and two of these Elders go home!!

Chanco just is chilling in our apartment for now. We're trying to decide if we'll break him our not. The idea of the candies is so tempting, but he is just hilarious and always frightens me when I go to get water in the night when I am sans glasses and see this little green and red man just patiently waiting. :)

Chuck W continues to be the most amazing investigator. I haven't been part of this stage in missionary work before, and so it is ALL about learning as I go. We're preparing for the baptismal interview, reserving the building, and getting everything ready for his baptism on the 21st! We're very excited and we know that he is too! He's such a cowboy it's hilarious. He's so independent and just plugging along! We teach him the Word of Wisdom in about an hour and a half. Hahah. He read D&C 89 and underlined "mild drinks" and wanted to know what those were. Hahah. Funny man.

Peace be the Journey -
Sister Bolliger - the Younger

Monday, August 9, 2010

Elder Bolliger - MTC Week 2: Amazingly Spiritual MTC, Freaking Awesome Zone, Cool Scripture Study, Letters are GREAT... please send!

Excerpts of this week's letter from Elder Bolliger:

"So this week in the MTC has been really a rollercoaster. At times its been amazingly spiritual.

My zone has been freaking awesome. It's awesome how fast you learn to know someone while only spending 2 weeks with them.

Its been cool to really study the gospel so much. I really am learning to study the gospel a ton more than I ever have and am actually learning about different scriptures... Well I really have been learning a lot and am mentally preparing myself for the hot desert."

Elder Bolliger

John LOVES all mail... dearelder.com and snail mail letters alike.

He will be in the MTC until August 17th.

Elder John Bolliger's mailing address

Elder John Mark Bolliger
MTC Mailbox # 172
CA-SBER 0817
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Letters sent after August 17th can be sent to the following address:

Elder John Bolliger

California San Bernardino Mission Home
8280 Utica Ave., Ste 150
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 15: "Watch Out for Her Laser Gun- part 2", looking like Red Riding Hood's wolf, FASTing, little missionary!

So this week has been cluttered with ridiculousness as usual. :)

Remember that laser tag experience of craziness when I might have hit my companion in the face with my laser gun? Yeah. Tuesday night we received a call out (or voicemail) from the Zone Leaders discussing some announcements. They mentioned that laser tag would no longer be permitted in the mission. Ever.

We were a bit perplexed and Sister Hernandez wonderfully remembered to ask the Zone Leaders at the next phone call what the reasoning was. Duh duh duhhhhhhhhh. So there were two Zones that were at this particular event. The Porterville zone (all Elders) and the Visalia zone (where Sister Hernandez, Sister Lemalu, Sister Haglund and I are the only sisters). Apparently, an Elders saw a sister missionary hugging an Elder while playing a game of laser tag. He then talked to his Zone Leaders, who talked to the Assistants, and then this rule came about.

Here is the kicker. The only sisters there are the sisters I live with!!!! We were SO upset (and still are actually) that someone would question the integrity of one of us!! To the extent to which new rules are being mandated! The highest probability of who they think it is -- is me. Haha. I had crazy hair and we think we have figured out what this "Elder" thought he saw. When I hit Sister Lemalu in the face with my laser gun I grabbed her head between my hands because I thought that I had hit her in the eyeball! I was trying to figure out if she was okay or not. And then I proceeded to sort of hold her as she was figuring out if she was okay. ... Sister Lemalu is also tall. Was wearing shorts. Is thin. And had her hair pulled back. :) Yup. That's right. I was hugging my companion dagnabit!!!! So we're all really frustrated and looking towards Zone Conference with difficulty as both zones again will be together. We don't like the idea of someone thinking such negativity and ridiculousness!!! AHHHH! Sister Bolliger couldn't really sleep that night after she heard. Blast!!!!

Well, in other words, I have been recovering from a super super nasty cough. I imagine I looked like the wolf in the story of Red Riding Hood, chilling in the covers with a granny cap on and looking atrocious. There was one day I couldn't even move from my bed. But I did anyway. Because I'm not about to stop working because of some stupid virus. Enter in a funny story. One of our investigators was ALL set to come to Church. We had visited him this week, etc., but Sunday morning he called with a lost voice and told us that he was sick. I INFECTED HIM!! Ahhhh. That's like counter missionary work. Hahaha. I also got a whole ward missionary's family sick. :) That's real love. I'm spreading the germs and the gospel! :)

Chuck W continues to be a stud. He FASTED THIS SUNDAY. On his own! And then paid fast offering. Yeah. He came and handed me the precious gray envelope and asked who to give it to! I was so startled I told him to give it to the guy with the tie. Hahahah. Clever girl Sister Bolliger! My next qualification was white shirt, ...(but I was just making fun of myself). He went and handed it to the first counselor! It was CRAAZY! He looked at the water for the sacrament and looked at me and indicated that he thinks they should put more water in there for fast sunday. Hahah. And he thinks they should dispose with the hymns because we're all trying to save our saliva! Hahahahah. I died!

Keep us in your prayers! We have an insane mission goal of 200 baptisms in August and boy-oh-boy are we doing everything to get it! I am trying to look towards the goal without anxiety. Heh heh. :) I have so much to learn about myself and basically EVERYTHING that I am just glad that I'm here taking it one day at a time learning about the gospel and what Heavenly Father wants me to learn!

We taught a new investigator in a town called Goshen close to Visalia, and her little daughter, who is 7, told us that when she grew up she wanted to be a lady missionary. :) It was SO adorable! I let her put on my nametag and she went and knocked on the cabinet doors. It was super precious. And all in spanish. Yeah. Everyone thinks that missionaries can speak their language. Not so. But I was praying and was able to communicate with them and then we taught in English. :)

Ahhh! No time! We've got to rush off to an appointment! Love y'all!

Sister Bolliger - the younger

Monday, August 2, 2010

Elder Bolliger - MTC Week 1: Feeling the Mantle, Sprit taking over, Really cool comp, DEAR ELDER Letters are AWESOME!

Well hello my dear family (and friends),

This week we are studying the first lesson in Preach My Gospel. I now am beginning to understand the power and authority the mantle that the missionaries have, and the power of discernment when you need to tell someone something that the spirit knows but you don't.

For one activity this past we we paired up with other companionships and I got Elder Stoddard and we briefly talked for like 5-10 minutes. After that we were supposed to share with them a message about something that they needed to hear. I found some scriptures that were talking about what I wanted to talk about and promptly started sharing those. When I got through the lesson a little bit the spirit took over and started directing me in a different area than I was expecting. It was interesting as I bore my testimony on something that I wasn't planning and overall it was not how I seemed. But then when he did it to me the spirit really hit the problem on the head as it is what I needed to hear.

So my Comps name is Elder Thurston from Burley, ID. Really cool guy no I mean elder, he's shorter but a really cool guy and always smiling. All of my district of 10 elders is going to the San Benardino Mission which is really cool. There is an elder here who dwarfs me in size and height (6'8" 280lb BYU linemen). And its really cool cause we are super motivated in everything, and I actually am enjoying singing hymns now.

Well I am trying to stay awake in personal study as its not the easiest thing to do since we don't eat nor exercise before it. But I am really starting to enjoy the MTC. Can you post how to get on dearelder.com and send me messages and or mail me messages (San Bernardino Mission, MTC Mail Box 172) And just dearelder me stuff. :)

I am really starting to learn the gospel. I have so little email time(30min) to email.

Well it would be great if yall could send me some more dearelders.com as those are by far the fastest way of getting here. Well I am running out of time and I hope yall have a great day and always pray for the missionaries!

Elder Bolliger