Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 14: Sick and Here Comes Thanksgiving/First Snow/People Coming Out of the Woodwork

Well this past week has been uneventful, I really haven't been able to do much missionary work due to the fact that I have had a really super nasty sore throat that turned into some asthma lower respiratory and knocked me out this past week. So this week has been full of not being able to really breathe really well or do anything for that matter. It really is no fun to be sick.

Well this next week is thanksgiving! Which I personally can't wait for turkey, pumpkin pie and food in general.

My Companion is a very good teacher and knows how to smooth out a conversation. He presents it in a good way and follows the Spirit.

This last week we had a miracle, one of our investigators who is the father of a part member family has been investigating the church for more than 7 years has now and decided to be baptized because he feels that it is time. His now 7 year old son wants to get baptized in January and he feels that it is now time. He is pretty much a member without being one. He comes to sacrament every week. He reads, prays, etc. with his family. Just now we need to teach him what he needs to know and prepare him for baptism in January. I'll probably be here then.

Oh on P-day we hang out at members that have a piano. I need to improve my skills, I'm learning the hymns.

Well hopefully this next week some more work can be done as I finally won't be sick.

Elder Bolliger

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