Monday, May 14, 2012

Elder Bolliger, Colton, CA Week 89: Happy Mother's Day, Great to See Converts Growing!

Mother's Day was great with technology connecting the family in three states!

Hello family,
Well if you haven't already noticed right now I am back in Grand Terrace/ Colton California, the same place where I started my mission I will now be ending it here and I am so excited for that!

All of my recent converts from here are still active, and truly that is where almost all of your joy comes from in the gospel is seeing how far your converts have come and how much the gospel truly means to them. Well next week I will have to send pictures with all of the people that I have been talking about, but onto the work.

So a lot has changed since I was last here in the Colton 1st Ward in Colton/Grand Terrace/ Reche Canyon California,

I left on November 7th, 2010 and arrived back on May 8th,2012 gone for almost 18 months exactly. Last year they split the ward into two areas so there is an East side and a West side, I am not used to that though as when I was here it was all one but next transfer it should be recombined into one area again.

Our former bishop, Bishop Sorensen had been released and a new bishop had been called, the former Bishop is now our Ward Mission Leader and he is awesome at it, he really knows the ward well and knows how to best help them.

There are some people that were here from the last time I was in the ward and we have been slowly following up with them

Sorry mom for having such a short email. But I was working on some other ones for now. This next week we should have a lot more work.

Elder Bolliger

Monday, May 7, 2012

Elder Bolliger, Upland, CA Week 88: Transferred, 21st Birthday, 3 months Have Flown, Making Lemonade of the Rest of It!

Hello family from the hills of Alta Loma and Upland, California,

Well this will be my last day here as tomorrow I am getting transferred to my new area.

I got the call on Saturday night, and then had my 21st birthday yesterday, which probably compared to most people was quite boring. But I am now 21 and I just found out that my new cousin was born yesterday as well to share the birthday with Grandma Sorensen as well.

It feels slightly strange to be leaving so early, but this happened last time I got transferred as well but this time I have so little time left. When I got here I had 6 months left, and the past 3 months have flown by, now that is all the time I have left, and here comes college and the world and everything else flying back at me.

But I just need to make lemonade from all of the wonderful lemon trees you get out here in California, Katie I think you know what I mean, but there are tons of thorns on those as well. And don't forget the grapefruit, Avocados ( of course) and Oranges.

This past week our Zone went to the temple ... you can receive very clear and precise direction.

But I wish yall the best.

Elder Bolliger