Monday, June 18, 2012

Elder Bolliger Grand Terrace, CA Week 93 : Final 6 Weeks Begins

Hello everyone from Grand Terrace, California

Well today is the last day of the 2nd to last transfer of my mission. And I found out on Saturday night that I am going to stay here.

The mission has been one of the biggest roller coasters of my life, with all of its ups and downs, lefts and rights, and hidden roadblocks but now the final destination is in view and I am glad that I came here. It wasn't easy at first to come to California but I over the past 22 months I have learned a lot about myself, the church and most importantly the gospel. Right now I feel like I am suiting up for the final football game and somewhat nervous with anticipation on how to proceed but I know that I can remain focused these last 6 weeks and end on one of the highest notes of my mission. I look forward to seeing ya'll soon but I right now my duty still lies here and I will return with honor on the last day of July.

Elder Bolliger

Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Bolliger Colton, CA Week 92:

(Question asked by family)  What has been your spiritual insight recently from your scripture study?

There was one that I was thinking on how profound it was, although I am not sure exactly where it was but it was talking about Christ and how much he did for us to be able to relate to us that he may be able to have mercy over us.

But there was a phrase that came to mind after praying that really helped me to understand my purpose here as a missionary and how not everyone will do the same things on a mission ( different people at different times put into the right place to talk to the right person).
What came to mind was
" Not every instrument plays the same [part / song] in the [orchestra / song of life]" And if we are all instruments in the hand of god then we will play different parts like in a orchestra ( mom I think that all of us kids will understand this very well ) but its all done by the director( God ) who knows and instructs in this finale of life.
Thats a little poetic as well I believe.

(Question asked by family) What did you teach  last week for your District training?
We had everyone train on one a Christlike attribute that they were worst at, mine was pride and humility. And it was really, really interesting as you come to grips with yourself over it.

(Question asked by family)
We found some suit/pants still in the closet.  I suppose we'll keep it here for you?!
Yeah and you'll see how much i have lost weight on my mission as well. My suits are both fitted now and they feel really good and they are clean and you'll have to wait and see.
Elder Bolliger

Elder Bolliger Colton, CA Week 91: Details about Jump Starting the 40 Day Fast

40 Day Fast

Well day one was last Tuesday.

Day #1 - Tuesday,May29 - Victoria B opened the 40 day fast on this day. You'll remember from earlier emails about how much of a drastic change she has made in her life and how important the gospel is to her. Her miracle was that she was able to contact one of the ladies that she Visiting Teaches for the first time and she got in and she has not been able to do that at all. And was really really excited.

Day #2 - Wednesday,May 30 - Bishop Sorensen, he fasted and a name came to mind of someone that he had shared the gospel with in the past and he was able to talk to his boss about the gospel, and it was a missionary opportunity.

Day #3 - Thursday, May 31st - Kathy B fasted this day and during dinner over there and break the fast, one of her visiting teaching  people called her half way during dinner, this was something that has never happened ever to her from this particular person and they had a very, very good discussion.

Day #4 - Friday, June 1st - The Donovans fasted and we shared with them the MRR lesson.

Day #5 - Saturday, June 2nd - Brother Smith fasted.

Day #6 - Fast Sunday -  we put everyone on there to make them sacrifice more and not have the easy way out.

Day #7 - Today, We haven't heard anything yet but next week hopefully.

(Question by family) How are you doing with your 6:30 am rising?

A lot better actually, See below for reasoning. Like Today we woke up at 5:45 which isn't too hard especially in the summer as the sun rises early. And its light by 5:30 so it makes it a lot easier, but winter when the sun gets up at 7:30, now that's a little more hard, but I assume in college I will be getting up early a lot to work and stuff.

(Question by family) It looks like Erin works at the store in Palm Desert near Palm Springs?

 Thats about an hour drive from here in Colton, and its mighty hot there like 90s and 10% humid at night time.

(Question by family) What ward activities do you have coming up that will involve missionary work?

There is a BBQ/ Church Tour but that is still in the planning stages for now, we will see where it exactly goes.

(Question by family) What are you teaching this week for your district training?

Not sure yet, I need to think about it still. Ill chose something.

(Question by family) How often do you write to your mission president?  Is it weekly?

Most Weeks yeah.

(Question by family) How has your testimony grown recently?

In how much fasting and praying can really open the windows of heaven and soften peoples hearts. Alma 6:6 and Alma the Elder with his son. So Missionary work and Ward unity.

Elder Bolliger

Elder Bolliger Colton, CA Week 90: 40 day fast

Hello family from the grand terrace library where I am serving back in the Colton 1st ward.

Last week I had the idea to do a 40 day fast in this ward and we are officially starting it on the 29th of May.  I really hope that I can help to get the ward back on their feet and get the spirit of missionary work here. We will be going around after people have fasted and helping them to apply the revelation that they have received to help talk to their family and their friends.   It will be a great way to go out on the mission on a real high note.  ... I know that it can really really help it out to get them motivated again and get this ward to be on fire!

Elder Bolliger