Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Bolliger Colton, CA Week 92:

(Question asked by family)  What has been your spiritual insight recently from your scripture study?

There was one that I was thinking on how profound it was, although I am not sure exactly where it was but it was talking about Christ and how much he did for us to be able to relate to us that he may be able to have mercy over us.

But there was a phrase that came to mind after praying that really helped me to understand my purpose here as a missionary and how not everyone will do the same things on a mission ( different people at different times put into the right place to talk to the right person).
What came to mind was
" Not every instrument plays the same [part / song] in the [orchestra / song of life]" And if we are all instruments in the hand of god then we will play different parts like in a orchestra ( mom I think that all of us kids will understand this very well ) but its all done by the director( God ) who knows and instructs in this finale of life.
Thats a little poetic as well I believe.

(Question asked by family) What did you teach  last week for your District training?
We had everyone train on one a Christlike attribute that they were worst at, mine was pride and humility. And it was really, really interesting as you come to grips with yourself over it.

(Question asked by family)
We found some suit/pants still in the closet.  I suppose we'll keep it here for you?!
Yeah and you'll see how much i have lost weight on my mission as well. My suits are both fitted now and they feel really good and they are clean and you'll have to wait and see.
Elder Bolliger

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