Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Bolliger Upland 5th: Week 78 (no letter), Week 79: Trio, Duo, Trio ... DL, Serving each week, Amazing Alma 5

Here is my long detailed letter …

Here's a few thoughts…

What wards are you working with? (mom)

Upland 5th ward.

What are your companions names? (mom)

Well up until last Saturday it was me, Elder Jackson and Elder Wilcox. But then on Saturday Elder Wilcox went and was put into a double cover ward with the Fontana zone leaders covering both Fontana, San B, Rialto, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga Tongan wards. Then two hours later on Saturday we got another companion for us putting us in a threesome and I got called to be district leader when Elder Jackson leaves because he is going home 2 weeks early for school.

Where are they from? (mom)

Elder Jackson is from a military family and has practically moved every 3 years or so. But he has lived in Virgina, but his family moved to ohio.
Well my companion, Elder Jackson is going home early for school and I just got called to be district leader when he leaves. So this transfer has been a crazy one.

Describe some of the service opportunities you've found in this new area? (mom)

Well we go over to a members house every Wednesday to clean up her yard. And another guy we go help build some stuff every now and then in the mornings.

How is your spirit this week? (mom)
Improving and realizing. Alma 5 is amazing.


Elder Bolliger