Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 31: Getting Older... Maybe Wiser Too?

Talofa from Sister Bolliger who is, as of today, the ripe old age of 22. I started off the birthday morning by a brisk jog around the neighborhood and was able to watch the sun rise over the mountains. It was gorgeous! It was then followed by a ridiculous district meeting. We jokingly offered a manual on how to interact with sister missionaries which I may write after the unbelievable events of the morning. :)

This week has been crazy! Sister Bayasal headed off to Turlock early Wednesday morning and I waited with Sister Hernandez for maybe four hours for our companions. We did really exciting things like fill prescriptions, get our flu shots, and use coupons. Haha. I can't believe we're both STILL here in Visalia!

My new companion, Sister Denton, is the bomb dot com. She has been out for a little over a year, and is seriously hilarious! We are both pasty white with red hair and we have that Texas gumption that makes life altogether enjoyable. She is a fan of the lame humor and has sarcasm that is inspiring. We have an unusual number of similarities that continue to freak us out. :) A few of importance is the same laundry basket, same running shoes, and propensity to say the same thing at the same time. Also included is affinity for shopping and being very good at impersonating others. Haha. It is so nice to be able to communicate with a companion. Sister Denton is seriously not only what this area needed, but what I needed! We're here to baptize and we are very excited to get to it!

Sister Denton has got a little twang that always makes me feel like I'm in Texas. She resided in Tyler before the mish but we won't hold that against her. :) I would give anything for an H-E-B around here though..

We have been continuing to receive free things which I guess is a natural perk of being a missionary in an area for so long. You have to make friends! Haha. There is a store in the area that is owned by a member in Clovis, actually the Ward Mission Leader of one of Sister Denton's previous wards. From some coaxing from another individual that knew him, we were able to wrangle up some free frozen yogurt! I was able to put all of my toppings on and commune with those in the ward over a delicious treat. It was Sister Denton's first night in Visalia and I figured it was an appropriate welcome to the area. :) We also have received free pies, leftovers from get togethers, coupons, and it's almost as if people are catching the Thanksgiving spirit by giving us ridiculous amounts of food! I remember explaining to Sister Bayasal how we celebrate Thanksgiving---by eating. And oh my goodness if this past week is an indicator of what will happen when the real Thanksgiving hits, my oh my, we'll be having lots of food to share!

I am trying to think of something clever to share but I honestly can't come up with a thing. It is really warm in this library and I think it is lulling me to sleep. The man in front of me is looking up cheats for his video game of choice while the woman next to him is researching houses. And somewhere someone is listening to jazzy eighties clavichord stuff that is waay too loud. Just another day in a public library!

I have been really studying this week how we receive revelation. It is interesting how in Doctrine and Covenants 138 that particular revelation was received as President Joseph F. Smith "sat...pondering over the scriptures." It was when he was "reflecting" upon the Atonement and reading his scriptures that "the eyes of [his] understanding were opened." I thought this may have been a one time thing, but then today I was reading in 1 Nephi 11 and saw that Nephi received his revelation after having a desire to know, a belief that the Lord could make things known unto him, and again, he "sat pondering in [his] heart" when he was "caught away in the Spirit of the Lord." I guess this means I need to sit more often? Haha. Jk. I think what I have noticed on the mission is that there are so many distractions that we allow to come in between us and our Heavenly Father. On the mission we get to have the majority of them taken away--we don't listen to music that drives away the spirit, we don't read books other than the scriptures, our lives are all focused on listening and following the Spirit. Because our other worldly concerns are taken care of we are able to not let outward anxiety cause us to distance ourselves from the source of lasting peace. If we don't take time to be still and give the Spirit time and space to enlighten us with our answers and impressions, then we're not going to receive the direction that we need. In seeing a variety of people in various stages on their pathway and commitment to the gospel, I am seeing that most often the problems with testimony are user errors. It's not the hardware or the software, it's the lack of dedication, understanding, or humility of the user. Sometimes we can just become lazy and I think it is a constant battle to always remain focused as to our purpose here on earth. I am so grateful that I have been able to understand this concept just a little bit more and I hope that I can continue to see this as clearly when other demands on my time enter into my life.

Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Sister Bolliger - the younger and wiser?!

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