Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 12: Leaving Colton & Getting A "Brother!" Pretty Excited to Come Back to Baptize, I am Growing to Like Tempura/Sushi!

Well this past Saturday I heard the news that I was leaving the Colton, CA ward.
Which is some sad news as I have been getting attached to this ward and the awesome people there is in it.

So now I am packing up tonight for the first time since the MTC. I have absolutely no idea where I am going from here. It could be anywhere, but it will be the right place for me. This next week we have a baptism with the 3 kids which a family friend is baptizing one, and I am baptizing one of the twins, and my companion is baptizing the other one! So wherever I am I will be coming back for it, and I am pretty excited.

Well my current companion is training again so I will have a "brother" after this next transfer so that makes it 1 "brother" and 1 "sister" of mine.

(Definitions from John's Mom: Apparently in the California San Bernardino Mission they have some ways to remember who you've been companions with. From my best guess, Your "dad" is your first companion that trains you after you leave the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT. Your "brother" is your second companion that trains you. Your "dad's" first trainer would be your "grandpa." I am not clear who the "sister" is....)

Well in my zone I found out a couple weeks ago that one of my zone leaders who has been on a mission over a year is from Australia. He is my birthday brother as he was born the same day as I was a year earlier. He is an awesome Samoan guy and is probably gonna be going to either UVU or BYU to play rugby.

Well this past weekend I went with my "Dad" and "Grandpa" (who is going home tomorrow) to a place called Yoshi Sushi. Well I am growing to get a taste for sushi and tempura (which is cooked sushi) its actually really good and I hope to grow my taste for seafood so me and Katie can go get some sushi when we are back home.

Well I hope yall have a good week.

Elder Bolliger

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