Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 29: Desperate Prayers in Racks of Clothing, In-N-Out!, Indeed Elders Teach, Fevers, Strawberry Smoothie BLAST!

Hello from Visalia.

Things have been ridiculous this week.

It all ended when we needed to go and get my companion some more clothing. With only three shirts, two of which were not really missionary appropriate, it was necessary to do some shopping. We had gone on outings before to find clothing, but they were not very productive. We spent five hours at various stores yesterday, perusing every nook and cranny to find something that my companion would approve of. We were blessed to find two shirts. It's true. Only two shirts. Haha. Which I believe are the direct result of my desperate prayers in the many racks of clothing that we find something so that I could maintain my sanity.

The highlight of the day, however, was that all such shopping was right next to In-N-Out.

The theme of the week has been Sister Bolliger learning to bite her tongue. It is not coincidental that my companion also learned the word "frustrated" this week as I kept uttering it over and over as ridiculous things occurred.

In finding new investigators, we have been going and recontacting former investigators that for some reason stopped having the missionaries at their home. There was one particular man whose record seemed promising and we went to go visit him. After speaking with him on his doorstep, things seemed to be going well. He indicated that he indeed wanted to learn more and that work conflicts had kept him from progressing in the missionary lessons. Then the bomb hit. When asking when a convenient time would be to come back, he said that he didn't want sister missionaries. He wanted the Elders. I was blessed with an abundance of restraint and was able to bite my tongue and NOT inform him of his ridiculous paradigm and discriminatory ideals. Somehow a very understanding and loving voice came from mouth assuring him that we could indeed have some Elders teach him, if he would be willing to learn more.

We got in the vehicle and drove to a nearby member's home where I diffused my anger and my companion got a fever. Seriously. It's not the most reassuring thing when you look to your companion to encourage her to speak and the only "word" that comes out of her mouth is vomit. Hahah. Fortunately this particular sister is awesome and amazing and is so wonderful at inviting her friends on church tours (that's right...I know you're reading this. haha). :) Armed with generous soup and pedialyte we returned to our apartment where I forced my companion to banish all ideas of English from her mind and sleep. Haha.

Onto more uplifting news, Chuck W and Todd B are going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead this Saturday. Todd received the priesthood on Sunday, and they are BOTH so excited to go! In explaining what goes on and what it will be like Chuck is just so ready! He has read three Ensigns I have given him and all of the Family Home Evening manual (and who really has done that?). He also read the old Temple magazine, and says he always wants to keep it because of the pictures of the temple. It's just remarkable to see them grow!!

The ward had SUCH a cute Young Women in Excellence evening and they asked us to help out with the refreshments so the leaders could be full participants in the event. It was SO adorable and a fitness theme.. making personal progress your lifestyle. :) They had refreshments that looked like the things you can buy at a gym or health food place, and so Sister Bayasal and I were in charge of blending the smoothies during the event. Um. Talk about crazy. Sister Bayasal didn't understand how to use the blender and I got a little stressed and at one point stuck a knife into the blender to break up the ridiculously thick smoothie and proceeded to get half of the blender's contents over me, the wall, the floor and Sister Bayasal. I think I still have parts of strawberry stuck in my watch. Hahah. It was enjoyable and really funny. Sister Bayasal does amazing impersonations of me and her favorite thing to impersonate is the loud high-pitched operatic sound I made when the explosion of blender occurred. It was very quietly dignified. Of course. Haha.

We have Zone Conference this week with a member of the Seventy, Elder Sybrowsky, and I am very excited! We're carpooling with the Spanish Sisters to Tulare and I am ready for the uplifting and spiritual day that it will be!!

Press on!
Sister Bolliger

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