Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 32:

You know you're getting older when you start acting like your mother. The most uncanny thing, though, is when your new companion acts EXACTLY like your mother. From paying with change to hilarity, this transfer feels very familiar. :)

We've been hard up for service in this area and when the call came to help a sister in the ward bake pies we jumped on it! We were schooled in the art of pie crust making and all things delicious and now know some very special secrets that will assist us in pie making in the future! We made two pumpkin pies, one berry pie, one lemon meringue pie, one apple crumb pie, and one cherry pie. It was quite a feat! I think Sister Denton and I were most impressed with the full-functioning kitchen that we were able to walk around. As we quite frequently eat out of tupperware containers left from leftovers, seeing pots and pans and bowls and measuring spoons and ridiculousness was amazing.

Turkey day was next and Sister Denton and I were able to recover from being a bit under the weather to go to Thanksgiving dinner! The food was DELICIOUS and slathered with butter--but it was definitely worth it. :) We were able to take our dessert on the go so I am successful in another Thanksgiving of never having pie! Yes! Sister Denton is still trying to convert me to the pie ways...but I don't think I'll ever be a fan.

On many a TV this week there was football playing. One home we visited actually had the BYU-Utah game on...and when I glanced at the score BYU was winning. I think I'll remember the game that way. :)

Sister Denton and I have been chortling away the transfer--it's just going too fast! We both have attention and hearing problems so it makes for a fun time...all the time! Sister Denton only has one lung and I have been using that information to my advantage. I've written poems about it and I always think that she's talking about her lung. She's got a little twang that reminds me of home and we reminisce about being a Texan. Mostly we talk about brisket. California has this cut of meat called tri-tip and I think the reason they like it is by the time that you have got it cut and chewed, you have worked out all the calories that it contains. It's like the new celery. I pray for brisket frequently. Haha.

Sister Denton and I continue to get ourselves into real ridiculous situations. One of the members of our ward had their house broken into over Thanksgiving. A car was stolen among some other miscellaneous items. We went there for dinner last night. Because we are COMPLETELY out of miles we got a ride there and had a ride arranged to pick us up from the dinner appointment. However, the meal finished earlier than we thought and the members had some other places to be. Sister Denton and I went outside and checked on some investigators nearby but then went back near the house of the members as that's where our ride expected us to be. We were both dressed in black (as our warm clothes are coincidentally all the same color) and it was very dark outside--courtesy of Daylight Savings. All of a sudden we saw that the members were leaving their house and pulling out of their driveway. In our very female and very crazy redhead brains we thought we would hide behind some trees next to their home---embarrassed that we were still waiting for our ride. However, as the car reversed from the home, it continued to reverse to the location where we were sheepishly hiding. Sister Denton, having some common sense that I lack, began to wave hello. We then heard a relieved sigh, "Oh, it's the Sisters." The precious members thought that we were the robbers, returning again to finish the job. Oh aren't we special. He asked what we were doing, and I pleasantly responded that we were trying our best to be creepy. The response? "You succeeded." As the members drove away, Sister Denton and I had a moment that frequently graces our companionship--one of stifled laughter and shock of embarrassment.

The mission as a whole is experiencing some refiner's fire moments..and I think this is the time that will define what kind of a missionary I truly am. There are many opportunities and seemingly justified situations to complain and become frustrated, but I'm trying my best to keep the holiday spirit alive and keep going forth in this area to do what needs to be done!

The weather is getting cold and staying cold as Sister Denton and I do not like using our heater--that's what layers are for! We are going through hot chocolate like crazy and I am grateful for the many socks and slippers---in addition to my Snuggie---that help keep me warm! I am hearing a lot about the fog that is coming soon and am not that excited for another random weather change in the Valley!

Sister Bolliger - still the younger :)

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