Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 15: It was Thanksgiving week so not much happened.

Nothing really happened this past week as it was Thanksgiving. My companion got sick as well but is doing better no. It was Thanksgiving week so really not much happened

I sent an email about Sister Bowler who was from my last ward and is the one who emailed. She is visiting family in Texas and wants to stop by cause her family lives just north in Georgetown by that Mighty Fine Burger off of the 35. Ya'll should meet her and Brother Bowler, they are an awesome family. Me and Elder Hall got really close to them.

I now understand so much more why we did things at home and past experiences. Its like a ton of my life has been thrown into retrospection because of this and sometimes I just need to move on to the future and how to better myself. Although I will say my thirst for knowledge of the gospel has never been greater. Whenever we go over to members and they have church historical books I always love pulling them out and reading them and slowly but surely my knowledge of the old & new testament is increasing. I finished Jesus the Christ just the other day.

We go to the gospel essentials/principles etc every week with investigators/recent converts/ less actives etc. Sister Bowler said that one of the people we worked with in our last ward was making good life changing decisions. Cool!

-Elder Bolliger

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