Monday, June 13, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 60: Staying in Leemore, Wonderful Baptism, "Esta casada?"

Well everyone.. this week has been another FULL one!!!
This was the last full week of the transfer, so it just makes sense that it would be crazy! :) The week was spent preparing Celia for her baptism this Saturday! We went over baptismal interview questions with her, filled out her baptismal record, and did all of the other things such as making the programs and making sure we had all of the people we needed there! She had her interview with our District Leader and he was super nervous since it was his first one in Spanish! He marveled that we had known Celia for less than 3 weeks and that she was already so so prepared!
Her baptism was absolutely beautiful! She showed up an hour early. We had everything all set up and the font was just about full. She looked in the water and informed us that she was afraid of water!! Haha. Celia is about 4'10" and was commenting in a hilarious manner how she didn't want us to fill the font too much because she didn't want to drown! :)
She cried through the whole baptism and her whole family was able to be there. We are so excited for her family to come unto the gospel as well! Our ward mission leader was able to baptize her and it was cool to hear his Argentine accent as he baptized her. The WHOLE program was in Spanish which I thought was awesome. We had several members from our ward there who were only English-speaking, and it was interesting to see the tables turned. We had many of our Spanish members show and it was splendid to see them all come and support Celia as she made this huge step!
This week we also were able to find several new investigators that show amazing promise and find another family that is ready to accept the message of the gospel! We were able to go on splits this week and Sister Pena went with Bishop and his wife and I went with a wonderful ward missionary. We were both able to see SO many miracles and help others progress in the gospel!
The anxiety of the week was added to with this Saturday being transfer calls. I received three extra phone calls during the week questioning me on my Spanish ability and how comfortable I would feel leading in a Spanish ward. Duh duh duhhhhh.
Well, promptly at 9:30PM Saturday night we found out the big news! I am staying in Lemoore... AGAIN... and TRAINING... AGAIN. Haha. Ahhhhhhh. Sister Pena is going to Visalia 3rd! My old haunt! Sooo lucky! I am so excited for her to partake of the wonderfulness of Visalia 3. :)
I am excited to stay in Lemoore. We are seeing so many of our investigators progress and I am so thrilled to stay here with the wonderful people of Lemoore! There are lots of baptisms on the way and lots of learning to be had!
President Gonzalez leaves at the end of this month so this next transfer is going to be an interesting one! I am excited to meet President Gelwix but at the same time not ready for President and Sister Gonzalez to leave. :(
A funny spanish glitch on Sister Bolliger's part:
As we were waiting for our District Leader to come to the church building to interview Celia, she asked me, "Esta casada?" (Which means.. are you married?) I promptly responded "Si!" (or yes). Hahah. I thought that she had said, "Esta cansada?" (Which means.. are you tired?"). Hahahhaha. The look on Sister Pena's face was priceless. As soon I realized my error Celia, Sister Pena and I proceeded to laugh hysterically!!!! Hahah. That's my favorite thing about Celia. She loves to laugh! She is so naturally happy it's the best!

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