Monday, June 20, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 61: MILAGROS!!

Well, this week has been fabulous. :) Things were a bit hectic getting Sister Pena all set to go to Visalia. I talked to our Zone Leaders before the transfer and was like, "Alright Zone Leaders. I challenge you to be logical and timely about how transfers will go this time." I then promised that I would not be frustrated or aggravated as well. Hahahha. Look at the things I am learning on the mission!! <3
Well.. they actually responded true to form! They were able to logically have me drive Sister Pena to Visalia and then spend the day with Sister Rojas (who is also training) on Wednesday! We were able to be in the Visalia 5th Spanish branch and I loved it! We went to a recent converts house who I knew from a full year before. She remembered me!!! Hahah. I had practiced spanish on her before, but this time was able to communicate. Sister Rojas and I then went to a Relief Society activity where they learned how to make bows. Perfect!! Now I am inspired to cute-ify my wardrobe in a frugal manner. Haha. It was great to spend the time with her and have In-N-Out before the training began again!
We ventured to the mission office thursday morning and met our trainees! My new companion is Hermana Croft from Cedar City, Utah. She's stupendous and willing to get out and work! I am so excited for this transfer!
Her second day here we went with a team-up to visit a man named Jaime, who Sister Pena and I had found the previous week when we were knocking. Well, we had a little lesson with him and Sister Croft committed him to be baptized on July 17th! And he accepted! Well, we set up a church tour for the next day at 3PM. We were all ready with a new fellowshipper, but sadly he didn't show. We were a little disappointed but were able to help out the Relief Society sisters who were setting up for the Father's Day brunch and prepare for our Missionary Correlation Meeting we had at 4PM at the chapel. Well, at 3:45PM Jaime showed up! He had walked six miles to the church for the tour and had left later than he wanted as he was waiting for someone to bring him his clothes from his old house. We were able to take Jaime on the Church Tour and wonderfully our ward mission leader showed up and was able to go on the last part of the tour with us! We gave Jaime a Book of Momron and committed him to reading a chapter before the next day--Sunday. Well, Sunday rolls around and we were disappointed to see that Jaime didn't make it to Sacrament. AGAIN Jaime pulled through. He showed up at 10:15AM as he had again walked the long walk. He was able to go to the Father's day brunch the third hour and we had a little lesson with him after church. He informed us that he had not been able to put the Book of Mormon down last night. He had read for 4-5 hours! He is in the Book of Mosiah because he said he keeps going back and cross-referencing to make sure he understands when he is reading. Sister Croft and I (as well as the members who have got to know him) are amazed at his preparedness for the gospel! This Thursday we're taking him with us to a member's house for dinner and a lesson. We're so excited!!!
Today we get a special treat. We are going to be able to watch "Forever Strong" in preparation for President Gelwix to come at the end of the month! We are getting together as a zone and we have already informed the Elders they must bring in the couches for us as we watch the movie. Haha. I don't know what to do with myself!
We have also seen an amazing miracle with one of the less-active sisters in the ward we have been working with. After we taught her the doctrine of receiving revelation through church attendance, she has come every sunday for all three hours! Well, she just accepted a calling!!!!! She'll be a primary teacher and is doing SO SO SO WELL! She is reading several chapters a day in the Book of Mormon. It's astounding to see the changes in her! You can just feel the Spirit radiating from her! We did an activity with her yesterday where we put a huge picture of the Salt Lake Temple above her couch and wrote tons of reasons why she wanted to keep being obedient, serve the Lord, go to the temple, and then blessings from the temple. It's all colorful! In addition we surrounded the picture with quotes about how we can continue to endure to the end! Hopefully this will be a great visual reminder for her of why she's making all of this fabulous choices!!
I am doing great. I can't believe how fast my mission is going by! But, in talking with Sister Croft and doing a lot of personal examination, I have been amazed at how I have personally grown as I have helped others accept the gospel! It's miraculous!

Hermana Bolliger

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