Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 44: Week 4

Well good success from this week, I feel like we are finally starting to connect with the ward here in the Summit Ward of Fontana, California. In this ward like in other wards there is the 15 names program ( elders quorum, relief society, high priests group ). Gives us 5 names each for people that have accepted to be taught again the missionary discussions and we have a number of active members on that list and also part member families which are our highest priority, it seems like I am finally also getting a feel for this ward and starting to know everybody, in comparison, at BYU when I was there for 4 months in the winter semester, good luck trying to learn even half of the peoples names, when you are a missionary its just easier to get to know people well also due to the fact that you are having dinner with members often.

So with that we have started to teach members, less active members and part member families the discussions, it helps us to improve our teaching skills and to teach the lessons, it helps them in being more confident in sharing the gospel with members and increases our trust with the members its been a slow process but it feels like its improving our relationship with them, its a good feeling and some of our work is progressing.

Well one of the things that I have grown used too now that we are teaching again is the fact that, no two lessons are the same. When you really teach to people's needs the lessons turn from the conventional to the specific and almost pinpoint. We had one such lesson this past week, and for me it was good as it had really been a long time since I had an experience of 'loosening my tongue' in teaching the gospel and talking at one moment. It felt so fluid and I did not stutter as I still do, that coupled with the fact that at other times in my mission (baptisms and such) I have had the same experiences and am thankful for the gift of tongues, even if its reducing my stuttering and allowing me to talk eloquently.

I remember a lot of our 4th of July traditions like that breakfast at grandpa bolligers house, or that park nearby and other such ones, like the multibreak artillery shell fireworks out over Lake Buchanan, well this 4th of July we are going on a 14 mile hike to the highest peak pretty much in our mission, its like 8500ft up there, and should be really really cool. I am also thinking of finding a flag and a flag pole and raising it up there too, it should be sweetness.

Well I hope that yall have a wonderful week ahead!

Elder Bolliger

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