Monday, June 6, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 41:

Well on saturday night I found out that I am staying here in fontana another transfer with Elder Renfro. There is a picture that I included with Elder Renfro and I at the top of our area, it is much more hilly than it looks to be and its really a good workout biking up and down and up and down all the time, its not that the task of riding gets any easier its that the ability to overcome increases. As an apostle said in a talk, its a really good concept that I am growing to like and understand and apply into my life, it really is a good one.
So this past week we had a lesson with a member and a father of a part member family, it was a very different lesson for one because of the fact that he has been around the church for more than 30 years, his son is now on a mission and we felt that it was time to teach him the lessons and this first lesson we knew would be a very different one than the original one, we discussed many different topics talking about how even if you are raised in the church it doesn't mean that you will automatically believe it that you have to find out for yourself if the church is true and we all testified of that, by the end of the hour long lesson we felt like we made some serious headway and set up some very good groundwork to build on in our next lesson, I am really excited to see how this turns out as all the rest of our investigators have been unfortunately dropping us and are making it difficult for us to reach them, its sad when you drop investigators but the lord will provide and others will turn out to be ready to teach.
Well I realized that I need to increase my work ethic and have a better attitude, also that I need to first master the physical (waking up on time) and then master the spiritual
Well the first picture is of stitch thing that mom has "Life is fragile handle with prayer", at dinner on Friday I saw that and was like Santa Vaca, Where did you get this? I was suprised and took a picture of it and the members told me that it was from their mother or grandmother in utah, have yall seen any others of these? Oh BTW, Santa Vaca is spanish for holy cow!
The next one is taken at the top of our area, its hilly there and was quite a bike ride up to the top of the area and its me and Elder Renfro my current companion.
After those is pictures from the Temple, the first one is of me and Elder Tupola who is going home tomorrow and his parents moved from Hawai'i to Rancho Cucamonga,CA , we always kid with him about either being dropped off at home or having his parents come pick him up. The next is the Temple and the Fontana Zone.
And another awesome one of the temple.
The last 2 photos are of some awesome skies that I saw here with the rays of light and the sunset, it was more awesome than the photo can describe.
Well I hope yall have a good week!
Elder Bolliger

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