Monday, June 20, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 43: Fontana Speedway, a New Investigator and an Unexpected Crash

Hello from Fontana California once more.

This past week the missionaries here in Fontana and the surrounding zones, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Fontana(here) and Rialto went and helped out at the Formula SAE event at the Fontana Motorclub Speedway ( A Nascar track). We helped out in the morning from 7 am to 1pm doing all sorts of tasks, anywhere from taking water around to brake tests but the one I was doing was taking the cars to 45 and 60 degrees to make sure they wouldn't fly off of the track and to check for leaks (its called a static gravity test at 1.6g). It also amazed me that these cars would still grip on the track at a 60 degree incline on the side. And a picture is included of the track, it was pretty cool acutally but I did not have a memory card or I would have taken more.

Well this past week we had some disappointment in that one of our main investigators, dropped us and doesn't want to continue the lessons. We were disappointed.
But soon therafter we ran into a family that had been taught by the missionaries but had been unreachable for months. We knocked on their door and they did not answer as no one was there, but they pulled up and we set up an appointment the next day with them. The appointment went good and we ended up teaching them with a member of the Young Mens presidency the very next day. We set up a return appointment for this Saturday. We also have another appointment with a father of a part member family this week as well and a member of the bishopric who befriended him will be there.

Well, there was an unexpected crash. It happened yesterday as we were waiting at our house for dinner to be dropped off. A car was coming down the hill and jumped the concrete divide, skidded about 120yards and nailed a fire hydrant. Fortunately the fire department was nearby but for about 40 minutes there was a 50 foot geyser. The people were uninjured in the car.

Random questions asked by my mom and my answers:
I ride my bike a lot. Our area is downhill but the uphill is the muscle builder like 2 1/2 miles back up to our house

My insight from the scriptures this week is that Jacob 5 is very, very long. But helping out the lord of the vineyard has a good reward and good efforts. Also we are adopted into the house of Israel. Lots of stuff too with temples in 2 Nephi and later.

A miracle I have recognized is that as an investigator dropped us and literally within an hour we had another one in a family that was taught like over a year ago but we are teaching once more.

Children in the ward remember us from a skit we did as Moroni and Joseph Smith in a time machine. We talked about the restoration.We still kid around with them like no his name is not Elder its Joseph Smith and I am Moroni.

We just cover this ward and its on bike.

One service we do for people is yard work, but we will help out in ways that we can.

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