Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 39: "Malo from Fontana"

Hello my tua'fa'fine, well I hope that is the correct way of saying hermana. ( to katie)

We went to the Redlands Temple as a zone and it was awesome! I love going to the temple and praying at the end of a session, and I love looking at the names and trying to pronounce them today I think I got a Italian name. And then afterword we came back home.

Well I have been in this area for now almost 2 1/2 months now and on a mission for almost 10 months. Where does that time go to ? It just seems like for a while "its going so slow....." then all of the sudden it takes off and its hard to hold onto, and now its rocketing to my year mark soon. I still vividly remember when I was a greenie. It truly does fly by and now this week Ann Marie will be graduating! I can't believe that as well as Katie coming back home off of her mission and them both going to the Y. I was thinking about it and its pretty funny actually.
All of us sharing the same CRV, hmmmmm interesting thoughts, it'll change.

Well this past week we had our share of disappointments in dropping a main investigator, she was progressing for a while but just got "too busy". But we are trying to really work with the members and our night times are the most effective for sure, but our other investigators are just hard to get a hold of.

Funny thing happened yesterday, actually 2 of them, 1. My pants ripped for the first time, just the washable ones and I am looking to get them fixed. And my bike tire tore yesterday but fortunately I saw it immeadiately and the rim is not bent and the tube is not punctured. So I got it fixed today but its going to require another tire. And then other things happen, but honestly, thats missionary work. Stuff like that happens.

Well I hope this next week is a good one. It should be. Week 5 1/2.

Elder Bolliger

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