Friday, May 6, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 36: New Companion, Visiting General Authorities, Getting the Ball Rolling

Well this past week was filled with many varied and exciting things that happened.

Lets start at the beginning of this week, Tuesday. So on Tuesday we had transfers and I got a new companion Elder Renfro from a little town of Pleasent Grove, UT, he keeps on saying that like no one knows where it is but I keep on reminding him that everyone in this ward pretty much is a graduate of BYU Provo. Seriously but we are getting along well here in the Fontana Summit ward in the more rich area of the mission, no apartments I mean seriously. But we are Finally getting some awesome member missionary stuff going in this ward. Finally after 6 weeks of planning we are starting this next week, hopefully this proves to be very, very effective and we are excited to see it going forward.

Well we are on now Wednesday, so Elder L. Tom Perry of the Twelve and Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy and their wives came to the riverside mission and we were in attendance there. It was awesome to hear from them, they focused on companionships and companionship study and he shared a story of when he was a marine and the building of chapels over in saigon and other stories, I thought that it was way cool to hear them from him. And from their wives and they also rubbed in the fact that sister missionaries are better missionaries than the elders multiple times. But it was really good though, I acutally thought that he was a smaller guy until I saw him in person. He is a big guy like 6-3 6-4 big. But it was really cool to finally see him in person! I loved it.

And since then we have been visiting less actives and potential investigators, it seems like the ward is trusting us a little bit more now. And we are getting the ball rolling with them, it should be a good week moving forward.

Another cool thing, on sunday we are teaching the primary sharing time and doing a time machine thing with the angel moroni and joseph smith, its going to be pretty cool and ill get pictures definitely.

I am 20 today! I can't believe how soon it is.

Elder Bolliger

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