Monday, May 9, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 37: 20th Birthday,

Talofa from Fontana, California.

Well this last week I had my 20th birthday or as you say it in Samoan (Fanau). I celebrated this event by going to the office where Elder Aokuso came down on a supply run and had brownies and sang happy birthday, Included are the photos from that event. And in one of them is Sister Smith (one of the Office Sisters serving with her husband) Me and Elder Aokuso of which we all share the May 6th Birthday. It was really cool to do that with them on that day and I learned how to say it right in Samoan (manuila lo aso fanau ~ Happy Birthday).

And that day was pretty good but saturday was the real work day.

On saturday we got the ball rolling with our ward mission plan, for weeks we have been getting these packets up and rolling but it has been taking quite a long while, schedules and other setbacks but now we finally go the ball rolling. We have been making some packets with items to give to members and commit/invite them to fast and pray about who to talk to and share the gospel with, we went out with him for more than 6 hours in which we got some really good visits in with the members. And this next week we will be putting that plan into effect and hopefully it turns out to be a good thing for our ward as the missionary work is more focused into using the members as a priority as that is the way that missionary work really does seem to work.

Yesterday for Primary we did sharing time as the elders took over for the sisters in primary we went kind of overboard and made a time machine with Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni. And we also made some gold plates that I wrote on to the best of my knowledge from some sources and now they look pretty cool and it was funny that afterword all of the kids wanted to touch them. They would yell out stuff like oh they are fake, or they are made out of cardboard but in the end it proved to be funny but informative as we talked about the restoration of the gospel in the latter days.

And the last photo is of the dog that lives at our residence that we live in. And his hair can be made into a mohawk.

But another week in Fontana and I hope that it turns out to be a good one!
Have an awesome week yall!

Elder Bolliger

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