Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 57: "This week has been spectacular!"

Hello family and everyone.
This week has been spectacular!
We met a lady at a recent convert's house as she was coming to buy a TV. Haha. Yes. Well, she asked us to come over to her home! We went and visited her last Tuesday and we had a lesson with her. She accepted a baptismal date for June 11th! We then met with her again on Friday with the same recent convert and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and was so excited to come to church with her family! Well...they came! And she loved it! Her name is Celia and she is her 50's, and she is so sweet and hilarious! She has been sharing the gospel and the Book of Mormon with all of her family and they keep asking her why she is so happy! Lol. It has been wonderful to see her grow. :) We are teaching her this week along with her husband, daughter, niece, and grandchildren. Wahoo! Celia is so prepared and she is already recognizing the spirit and doing what is necessary to progress towards baptism! Celia's granddaughter, Jackie, is a chubby little three-year-old who is ADORABLE. She only speaks Spanish, and so I have had a lot of fun practicing my spanish with her. Haha. It was amusing keeping her entertained during Sacrament Meeting.
We have seen other miracles with our investigators. We have had some really powerful lessons this week as we have been calling people to repentance. There is a couple that is in our teaching pool, one a recent convert, the other an investigator, that we are working with. They are consistently attending Church and reading, but there's just one little glitch---marriage. We went after Church on Sunday to talk about the Law of Chastity, and the boyfriend (our investigator) was sleeping. We were able to have a powerful lesson with this sister on keeping the commandments and helping her understand that the only way she can have that true peace back in her life is if she (1) moves out, or (2) gets married to her man. We left them the Law of Chastity pamphlets to read before our lesson on Thursday so we'll see how that goes over!
Today we're having a little spanish gathering as the spanish sisters are going to teach us how to make Tres Leches Cake! A delicious food. And we're learning how to make it from scratch. Authentic style. Another spanish sister is making me pan this next week when we have a lesson at her home. Oh my goodness. Mexican bread. Is amazing! I may have been known to chase after the panaderia trucks to get some on my way. Hahah. It's delicious!!!
We have seen even more miracles with our investigators. One young man we're teaching confided in us this week that he's not even sure if he knows that God exists. Well, after much coaxing, we committed him to attempt to pray this week. We thought that may have been our last lesson with him, but he showed up this Sunday to Church, stayed all 3 hours, and confided that he had indeed prayed and felt something. It was amazing to watch the talks and teachers be inspired with their comments and subjects that were SO pertinent to the needs of those who attended church that day.
This whole end-of-the-world thing on May 21st had a lot of people worried in these parts. It was almost amusing as heard about it coming from our perspective as missionaries. We had to comfort a lot of people as there were ladies going around door to door proclaiming doom and destruction. So many we spoke to were in tears. But, as we shared with them the truth of the gospel and told them to read from the Book of Mormon and pray for comfort, things turned around. :)
I had a little mishap this week. :) We have a dry-erase board in our apartment where we write our teaching pool, and referrals to contact, and keep track of church attendance. Well.......I was updating it after companion study before my language study whenBOOM. It fell off the wall directly onto two of my toes. I was shocked, but then I looked and this stupid board had cut my toes horribly!!! How does that even happen!?!? Well.....we frantically tried calling Sister Gonzalez but she was already in a zone conference in another stake. As the blood started to pool and I couldn't feel my toes, we decided to try and call a sister in the ward to help us out. I couldn't drive (it was my right foot) and we weren't sure how deep the cuts were. Thankfully a wonderful sister in the ward came to our rescue! She was the perfect choice, being a mother and the wife of a doctor. She came and helped me wash the wound, bandage it, and help stop the bleeding. We had some butterfly bandages so I didn't need stitches, but my goodness is my clumsiness making life difficult! I took some pain killers and wore some sturdy shoes and we went out to work, making it on time to our 11 o'clock appointment. :) It was ironic that day as everywhere we went required INSANE amounts of extra walking. Hahah. I think everyone we visited was upstairs, down random roads, etc. I have some NASTY looking bruises, but thankfully it hasn't interfered too much with the work. Haha.
Hermana Bolliger

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