Monday, May 16, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 56: Miracles, Miracles, Miracles

This week was a week of miracles. From the looks of it at the beginning, you wouldn't have thought so. We had a mini-MTC for my companion Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 10AM-3PM. Then, Thursday and Friday was leadership training. So, I would drop Sister Pena off in Visalia, and along with another trainer, we would drive up to Fresno. Sister Pena and I would get back to Lemoore at 6:30PM those nights. Ahhh! So with so much of our time gone, we really tried to plan well and in the process saw so many miracles!!!
We felt impressed to go to a certain street and attempt to contact some former investigators and do some street contacting. In the process we ended up finding 4 new investigators in just one hour. AND set a baptismal date! This man, Darrell, is AMAZING and has such great faith! He felt that we had been guided to knock on his door. He was almost crying as we handed him the Book of Mormon. Just ten minutes after we met Darrell it was time for our dinner appointment with a brother in the ward who we felt would be the perfect fellowshipper for him. He was able to go and visit Darrell and talk with him and arrange a ride for Church! We felt the timing was perfect. :)
There are so many people that are progressing that are wanting to follow Jesus Christ! One young man that we have been teaching wasn't able to make it to church on Sunday because of his work schedule. However, he informed us he would be asking for Sunday's off to be able to attend and feel the spirit! We also saw a miracle with him this week as we had a lesson with him. He has a lot of questions, and it was hard in previous lessons to focus on the topic and help him understand. So, Sister Pena and I devised a plan to help the Spirit help us to help him understand. :) We met with him in the chapel, and began by playing the hymn "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". We had everyone just follow along with the words, not sing, and think about how they felt. Afterwards, Chris asked what it was that he was feeling. That he felt like he was going to fall asleep! We were able to help him understand that it was the spirit. Then, we watched the Restoration. It was amazing as Chris was able to identify with the questions Joseph Smith himself had. We had a wonderful fellowshipper there with us, and as we were all able to bear testimony it created a powerful spirit there!
We were also able to come in contact with some great part-member families who want to learn more about the gospel! We are meeting with one of them tonight. The husband, the non-member, has already come to church twice, and has many many questions. We are excited to teach him...and I'm excited to recite the First Vision in Spanish! Yesss!!
As the ward has been focusing on missionary work, we have been able to go into their homes and share a message about the gospel and help them identify what they can do to open their mouths! It has been very productive and we are excited for how the ward is unifying around missionary work!
We had some substantial car trouble. Haha. We were about to leave the leadership training in Fresno when one of the assistants noticed that the wire was showing through the tread on our tires! Hahahha. Because we had a 90 mile drive back to where we needed to go, and it wouldn't be safe to drive on it, we traded cars with the Assistants. Haha. So we got to drive the newest car in the mission! A beautiful 2012 White Chevy Mailbu with less than a 1000 miles. Haha. It was quite the ride! While the Corollas are easier to maneuver, the Malibu is very comfortable for long-distance travel. They wanted their car back ASAP though! And we had to meet them half way on an impromptu drive Saturday night to switch back. They got all new tires on our car so we are good to go!
We almost died this week. We were in a little town of Stratford, and we were going to contact a part-member family. As we walked up to the door a GANG of little annoying dogs ran up to us and began to try to bite us. We kept knocking, hoping they would go away. I had seen this same group of dogs when I had been in the town before, and they usually fought with each other. As we proceeded to move back towards our car they began to chase us and try to bite our legs and skirts. I was ready to kick them, and Sister Pena had her purse ready. We were able to run faster than them to get to our car. We jumped in quickly, but because it was the left side of our car, Sister Pena had to jump in the back seat. So, we just decided to drive back like that. It felt like I was a chauffeur! But hey, at least we didn't die due to little dogs. :)
I dyed my hair again this week. The blonde roots were showing a bit too much. I don't understand it, but everyone thinks I'm a natural redhead. I guess it just matches the personality. Hahah.
Also, I am OFFICIALLY a spanish sister! I got my tags this week. And of course that first day I was wearing them we encountered an English speaker who peered at my tag trying to figure out what church we were from. Hahahha. I found it quite hilarious.
Things are going wonderfully and the work of the Lord is moving quickly forward!!!

Hermana Bolliger

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