Monday, May 9, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 55: Things Moving Swiftly, Training Stellar Hermana Pena, Power Walking To Lots of Miracles, Time is Flying FAST!

Aloha from Lemoore!

Things are swiftly moving along in the work of the Lord in Lemoore, California.
I am training a wonderful sister, namely Hermana Pena! She is from San Marcos, California (near San Diego), and is stellar! She and her family joined the Church when she was 14 and they were taught by Sister Missionaries. :) She's a native Spanish speaker (which is an answer to MY prayers) and we are just plugging along busily doing missionary work!
This last week was crazy getting Sister Anzelmetti off! She sadly got sick the last few days of her mission, and then there was ridiculousness in figuring out what was going to happen with me while she was gone. The Elders came up with 11 different plans. In the end...they decided to follow the plan we had suggested in the very beginning. Shocker. :) It was amusing to get phone calls about every half hour for three days as they tried to figure things out. Well, I was able to spend two days with Hermana Rojas, a sister that came in the mission with me! Both of our previous companions had gone home, and as well, we were both training! It was nice to share that time with someone who was just as anxious as I was! Haha.
Hermana Pena didn't go to the MTC, so this time I have spent with her has definitely been a period of adjustment! Getting used to the missionary schedule, suffering withdrawals from the cell phone, family, and other things has been part of what our time has been dedicated too!
We have seen lots of miracles though! We were going to the Church to pick something up when we passed by a bus stop with a small family sitting there. I was like, "Hermana Pena! We got to be fast and talk to them before the bus comes!" So, we parked the car and powerwalked. We were able to share a brief message about what Jesus Christ expects of us and invite this family on a church tour. They accepted for the following day! They came and it was a special time to share with them talking of the basic principles of the gospel. Hermana Pena was very brave and committed them to be baptized at the end of the tour! It was quite a whirlwind experience, but definitely a tender mercy. :)
I feel like this missionary work buisness is just real life! I can't believe HOW FAST the time is flying by. I don't ever want to leave! I am trying very hard to live in the moment and do the things I know Heavenly Father wants me to do with my time here.
The funniest thing is Hermana Pena is JUST like my cousin Tiana. It is scary! Same gorgeous skin color, height, build, goodness they even walk the same! Hermana Pena talks like her too. I frequently look at her with a quizzical brow and wonder if indeed she isn't Tiana. Hahha.

Hermana Bolliger

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