Monday, April 4, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 50: ER Trip, Referral Hunt, Watch-it... Fed by General Conference

Hello from Lemoore!
This week has been full of lots of crazy times. A trip to the Emergency Room, hunting down some referrals in the country, jumping through windows, rescuing my watch, ridding our apartment of mold, and being spiritually fed at General Conference!
Soo...Sister Denton has asthma and both she and I have allergies. We have been weirdly both under the weather in regards to our breathing these last few weeks. Let me explain the situation in our room. There is a large window and the blinds don't do the best job at keeping the light out. So, some ingenious sisters that lived here before us tacked a blanket to the wall to keep the light from coming in. Well.......this was all fine and dandy until we tried to move the blanket on Thursday. Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhh. Because the blanket was thicker, it provided the perfect warm and moist climate for MOLD TO GROW! Yes. Mold. It was hairy. It was black. It was disgusting and alllll over the window sill, blinds, and it was growing up the walls. DISGUSTING. We discovered it right before one of the sisters in the ward came to pick us up for dinner. She took us to the Dollar Store where we geared up with bleach, gloves, and scrubbing things so that we could conquer this mold! It took probably an hour to get all the mold gone...using straight bleach. Ah! We tackled our bathroom as well, using papertowels saturated in bleach to work on stubborn mold. While the fumes made us a little loopy, we have been feeling SO much better as there is no more mold contaminating our living environment. The kicker? My head was RIGHT next to this window as I slept. It gives me the shivers! Haha.
I also dropped my watch in the toilet this week. That poor watch. I dropped it on the ground about two weeks ago, and the second hand is now lodged between the 12 and the 1. haha. As I was rushing around getting ready, I was putting on my watch while grabbing my face wash from the shower. In doing so I made a flicking motion and down went my watch into the the (clean) toilet bowl. With some quick thinking I fished it out. And's still working!
General Conference was AMAZING this weekend! I can't believe how fast it went! We went to the church building, and were usually there with one other family. I went with many many questions, and it was almost eerie to see how quickly they were answered! I had to keep coming up with other things I needed direction on because I kept receiving the answers to my prayers. I loved so many talks. Especially Elder Kent F. Richard's talk about pain. Oh I just can't name them all! I really loved Elder Christofferson's talk about chastening as well. Ideas just flooded my mind the whole conference of things that Heavenly Father wants me to change and to continue to be a more effective servant! Sister Denton and I teased each other about all the marriage references. :) I am so excited to get the text of the talks because so many of them are perfect for our investigators and individuals that we are working with in the area!
We have found some amazing new investigators and we are really excited to teach them and help them come closer to our Heavenly Father! One woman we the country (we don't even have a map that shows these streets)...and she was a referral from her daughter in Virginia. While this woman was visiting her daughter in Virginia last month, her daughter was receiving the last of the missionary lessons and was actually baptized! This dear sister already has a Book of Mormon and is excited to hear what we have to say! We are excited to go back and see her tomorrow!
It has been quite the week with a lot going on, but through it all I have felt the comfort of the Spirit guiding me to know what is most important for me to focus on at each turn. I feel so grateful that I don't have to do this alone and feel like I have become reenergized in my desire to share this message with everyone!!

Sister Bolliger

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