Monday, April 18, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 52: Still Alive, Amazing Spirit in the Temple & Sister's Meeting, Good ol' Texas, Native Spanish Speaking Companion

Well.. LOTS has happened this week in Lemoore. But I am still alive! Haha. And breathing... after a bout of bronchitis!

We were able to go to the temple last Tuesday. What an amazing opportunity to renew covenants and bask in the beauty of the spirit! My companion and I were going just the two of us from our zone, because she was leaving, and we ended up seeing two other zones of missionaries! Which means I got to see Sister To'a, Sister Petersen, Sister Lake, Sister Galati, Sister Hebdon, and Sister Boyce! It was an unexpected little Sister's meeting. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone and just feel the sisterhood during the session. I felt so enlightened and inspired. It was like my mind was just flooded with thoughts about what I need to do to progress and how to help others around me. It was amazing!

My companion left today for good ol' Texas. Hahah. I suddenly became nostalgic as she was saying goodbye...missing the humidity and barbeque. :) My new companion is Sister Anzelmetti! She is from Mexico, and is 34 years old. I am SO excited though! Being a native spanish speaker, she is here to help me with the spanish families we're teaching, and help me with my own spanish! She has served in Lemoore before, and these two weeks are the last of her mission as well!

I am getting spanish I guess I'm really going to have to start learning this stuff ASAP! ;) Hermana Bolliger. That will be weird to introduce myself like that! The funny thing is that it's really hard for spanish speakers to pronounce my name. The "B" "G" and "R" sound are unusual when they're put together like that. Hahahha. So maybe I should have got a tag that said Hermana Loca?! :)

We had a fiesta this week. In order to help fellowship the Spanish speakers in the ward, we had a fiesta where all spanish speakers were invited! Gringos and natives alike! Everyone was to bring their favorite food. It was great for those that attended. Some children we're teaching came and they were able to play around with other kids and adults were able to talk to each other and feel included in the ward! It was awesome!

I am excited to get to work and learn my spanish!
Wish me luck!!!!

:) Hermana Bolliger

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