Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 53: Mingling Missionaries, AMAZING "Savior of the World" Play, Favorite Families!, Wonderful Temple Visits!

Hello from Lemoore!
We are excited as this Saturday we will be having a mission wide conference and Bishop Burton of the Presiding Bishopric will be speaking to all of the missionaries! They told us "not to mingle" afterwards but I don't think I'm capable of not mingling! Haha. It will be quite the opportunity to see everyone and it's saving me lots of postage because several sisters have birthdays this month!
This week was great. The Visalia, Hanford, and Porterville Stakes have been working for months on the "Savior of the World." And this last weekend it was performed! It was AMAZING. Being my snooty musician self, I was a bit worried for what it would turn out to be, but it was fabulous! Some of the vocals I even preferred to the soundtrack! We were able to go on two conditions: (1) That we have a ride from Lemoore to Visalia, and (2) That we have an investigator go whose attendance with us was critical to their conversion. :) Well, we decided that Alicia would really really benefit from this. So, we decided to try and take her with us to the performance. We encountered a few trip ups with the situation. Because of the car accident that she suffered the week previous, she was VERY hesitant to get in a vehicle, let alone take the 40 minute drive to Visalia. So...we compromised by telling her that we'd find the LARGEST BIGGEST truck we could find to take us there. This was solved by one of the members in the ward, a recent convert of about two years. His huge diesel double cab fit the bill. Alicia also insisted that we start the drive there and back with a prayer and be surrounded by us--missionaries of of the Lord that would be protected. We found a sister to come with us (thanks Roro!) and planned to go to the matinee showing. We were all ready to go when Saturday morning we got a text at 10AM from Alicia saying that she wouldn't be able to go. Because of some tricky financial situations, she needed to find work and was offered a job in a town about an hour west of where we live. She needed the day to find a ride there as she needed to go there that day to sign paperwork. We eventually convinced Alicia that we could help her find a ride and got her with us on the journey to Visalia! It was amazing to be back in my old area!
The play was AMAZING! There were only a few numbers that were a bit off, but most everything went smoothly! It was so fun as I began to recognize some of the actors. The man who played Joseph kept looking SO familiar to me and then it came! He was Brother Smith...from one of my fav families in Visalia! There were so many from our ward and stake..and from my old Visalia ward.. it felt like coming home. :)
I was able to see SO many of my old friends! All of my recent converts from the area were there, many many members of the ward, and even one of my favorite investigating families was there that I worked with SO much! I also found out another family we began teaching was there..and they have subsequently been baptized! Yes! Amazing! Overall it was pretty much the best afternoon ever.
After returning to Lemoore we were on a hunt for someone to spontaneously take Alicia to her job. Enter my least favorite part of missionary work. Calling various members for immediate favors. Hahahah. Ahhh! Sister Anzelmetti and I took turns and it is so not fun! But...we called one of my fav sisters (you know who you are) and she gave a ride for Alicia where she needed to be! I so appreciate those that are willing to help us out!!
This week I have been learning LOTS of spanish and having fun training my gringa tongue to speak more like a Mexican. Haha. Sister Anzelmetti has been really patient and I have been tearing up "El Libro De Mormon" -- I'm currently in the middle of Alma. It has been wonderful to read and learn so that I can prepare to teach in Spanish!
In a weird twist of events, Sister Anzelmetti has been the one down with stomach problems this week. I have had a lot of opportunity to do some extra studying (which I desperately need) and time to organize and get ready for the next transfer!
Today we were able to go to the temple and it was wonderful. I wish I could stay there all day! A sweet sister in the ward drove us there and how I wish I could go more often than once every four-and-a-half months!!! I am so excited when I can access the temple as frequently as I want!
Good news, remember Chuck the Cowboy? He's starting the temple preparation classes. His year comes up this August! In talking with him at the play, he said he is really excited to prepare for that special time!
I am insanely stressed about transfers but am just breathing. Having two companions go home in one transfer is not so good for my nerves. Lots of decluttering, travel details, and unusual circumstances have manifested themselves on my face. Hahahha.
Lots of zits. But that's okay.
I got the Easter letters from the ward! How special! I can't believe people are talking about me coming home. Hahah. That's 6 months away people! I am already in denial.

Sister Bolliger

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