Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 51: Food for Thought, Many Miracles, "Hermana Loco", Excited To Go To The Temple!

Greetings from the Lemoore public library! This week has seen a lot of wonderful milestones in relation to food.
I must give a shout out to Roro for introducing us to the BEST little hole-in-the-wall burger joint this side of the 99. It is called White Top and dangerously resides just two blocks west of our apartment. :) The most amazing part about this particular place, though, is the chocolate peanut butter shake. Due to my recent discovery of being lactose intolerant, I was not able to fully participate in the wonder that is the chocolate peanutbutter shake. However, on one of our frequent drive-thrus I got to talking with the worker and discovered that the shakes made at White Top are LACTOSE FREE! I ordered myself a chocolate peanut butter one right then and there! As such, it has been our tradition to stop there and partake of the DELICIOUSNESS that is the chocolate peanut butter shake. It tastes just like you are eating a Reese's candy bar. And because I can't eat Reese's candy bars, this has been quite the blessing. Haha. Initially Sister Denton was going for the Strawberry shake...but after a taste test has been truly converted to the wonder of chocolate peanut butter. :)
This week the King of Hanford and the Queen of Reedley graced us with their presence and the Vineyard Inn Restaurant (the most happening restaurant in Lemoore if that gives you any idea of how small it is). ;) Thankfully they made it there in safety as the King of Hanford with his desire to be efficient took them on the very scenic route between Hanford and Lemoore to make their way for the rendezvous. It was a wonderful evening, especially because I was having sweet potato fries. The only way I like to eat sweet potatoes. We had way too much chatting and laughing and being generally ridiculous. Hahhah. It was awesome!
We have seen many miracles this week. Jose P, the non-member husband of a member family committed to be baptized! This was my first real baptismal invitation in Spanish and phew! it was crazy! Thankfully our Ward Mission Leader was with us and between the two of us we were able to address concerns and start preparations for his baptism! We have been able to find many new investigators through referrals and somehow...everyone is spanish speaking. Haha. I don't know what the Lord is trying to teach me, but I am getting a HUGE dose of humility! There is a family with a ten-year old girl that is the SWEETEST little girl ever and so smart. She and her brother came to church on Sunday and she kept asking me about the Sacrament or different things and I would give her scriptures to read and that helped her understand what they were doing. We are so excited for her and know that she is SO close to being baptized! We have another teenager that has been making HUGE leaps and bounds and told us that she would be baptized when she understood how to repent. Duh duh duhhhh! That's what it's all about girl! We've had fun teaching her and checking up on her family and getting the ward involved. This week we are having a fiesta for all of the spanish speakers. A Mexican Potluck. Yes, that is my genius idea. Hahahha. Music, food, and chatting in spanish. Could there be a better thing? We're just trying to create a spanish speaking community here and I am very excited for it!
This Sunday (4/10) I had to teach Gospel Principles again in Spanish. Phew! I am so grateful they have questions written out because that really helps me as I'm trying to figure out how to get the class involved. ;) I love our spanish speakers. And they tease me mercilessly, teaching me little tongue twisters, calling me Hermana Loca, and having to explain words (especially slang) at every turn.
It has been quite the week! I think I already know who my new companion will be on the 18th and she's a spanish speaker so that'll be interesting! We are so excited we are going to the temple Tuesday (4/12) and I can't wait!!!!!!!
Keep up the faith!
Sister Bolliger

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