Monday, March 28, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 31: Summit Ward Week 2,

My favorite chapter of this past week's study has been Mormon Chapter 8, it talks about the modern day on how the book of mormon will come about, how the work of the Lord will move forward regardless of those that try to stop it, amongst other things.

So I have been enjoying my time in the fontana summit ward, I-15 cuts straight through our ward, its weird that its all 1 road that goes right by my other residence while at BYU. Weird. Well I am taking advantage of the opportunity in this ward to try some things out to get the members really, really involved. Well I now understand why in this area its really hard to do missionary work.

For one, its one of the smallest areas in the mission.

Two, there is almost no turnover here - not a lot of transient housing as there are no apartment complexes, which makes for one of the more challenging areas in the mission. But me and my companion we have some ideas that we have been learning and acquiring from other members in this ward and in other wards.

So regardless of the slowness of the pace, we are working to use the members more effectively and especially the non members to contact them and to share with them a missionary spiritual thought and ask/invite them to see if they would have any friends that might be interested in learning the gospel. This is the focus that we feel would work the best in this ward due to the lack of investigators, tracting really doesn't take you that far here. But we are looking to improve and get some work going with the ward, because this ward here is one of the best I have been in, everyone is willing and wanting to help out in terms of missionary work but now comes the problem of putting those resources to work.

So I hope that by next week I have more good experiences in this ward and that we can get some real work done, right now it feels like our investigators are eternal investigators but we hope to change that soon.

Have a great week yall!

Elder Bolliger

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