Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 47: "Great timing, eh?", We'll have to wait for the Blossoms, Wonderful Sisters....

Hello world.
Let me recount to you the ridiculous happenings of Sunday evening, March 13th. Following an appointment with an investigator late at night, we stopped by a member's home to pick up a pan I had left there and to check in on how she was doing. Sister Lemalu and I were sitting on the couch and then all of a sudden I look over and she's hunched over to one side, fanning herself with her planner, and closing her eyes. My immediate reaction was not one of anxiety or fear. It was about time for us to go home, we had been running around like crazy, and it was a bit stuffy in the room. I shared a quick message and we began to prepare to pray. I turned to her and was just in time to see her eyes roll back into her head. Great timing, eh? So, I begin asking her questions to see if she is conscious. No response. I decide that she needs to lay down on the bigger couch, so I tell her that we're going to move her over. Good thing I'm hefty because I had to literally carry my companion over to the other couch so she could lay down. The only thing we could get out of her was that she was hot. So, we opened the window and door and I began to panic a bit. Hahah. At this point it was about 10 PM. So, I called our District Leader to let him know what was going on and that we were not at our apartment. I was then instructed to call Sister Gonzalez, our medical contact. I called her and began trying to help Sister Gonzalez figure out what was going on. Sister Lemalu was sweating horribly, but her temperature was normal. She couldn't speak. She couldn't open her eyes. I had to think of creative words for her to say yes or no to in order to figure out what was wrong with her. I received a call from our Zone Leaders, and they informed me they were on their way to come and to give her a priesthood blessing. They are in the town of Hanford, about 15 minutes away. So, Sister Gonzalez had us try moving her to the other side or sit her up to see if the pain/nausea/dizziness changed at all. Again, I had to lift her and carry her. When the Elders showed up she still hadn't been very responsive. Good thing that I know her full name! So, they showed up and looked pretty much terrified. Sister Lemalu is polynesian, and because of this she is extremely hard-headed and will not ever admit that she is in pain or change her behavior to deal with the pain. Even getting her to take pain meds is a battle! So for her to be completely conked out on the member's couch? Insane.
Eventually the Elders gave her a blessing and we gave her some medication. The executive desicion came to have us stay at the member's home for the night. So fortunately it was a member that I love. :) We concluded that this wasn't insanely life threatening and decided to play it out to see if anything changed. The member and I stayed up talking by where Sister Lemalu was sleeping for quite some time. We both couldn't sleep! We were so worried for Sister Lemalu. I am the one who is always supposed to be getting sick and making people worried. Not Sister Lemalu!!! :) I joked with Sister Gonzalez about how I always get myself into these ridiculous situations. I ended up sleeping on the floor by the couch so I could hear her if anything changed. She woke up this morning feeling much better. Apparently she had been getting a migraine all day sunday and then it got really really bad that night. She couldn't even remember anything that happened! Nothing! She didn't even know that the Elders had come to give her a blessing or why we had stayed at the member's house that night. Gah! Ridiculousness!

The sad part is we were going to go this morning to the Blossom Trail with an amazing family in the ward. Hopefully we will be able to do that next Monday!

This is the last week of transfers. So we find out this Saturday the final verdict! We are both so sad to have this transfer end. I have had so much fun with my double companions! First Sister To'a and now Sister Lemalu! It's quite the amazing thing. :) We are going to sing in Church on Sunday...our last Sunday together here in Lemoore.

We have had some awesome experiences this week with investigators and less-actives...and almost all of them have been in Spanish.

We had a wonderful sister in the ward help us out so much. We were SO excited to take an investigator we have been working with on a Church tour Friday morning. However, when we went to her apartment to pick her up with a member to go, she was still in her robe and gave us excuse after excuse---basically dropping us. It was horrible! Sister Lemalu almost cried. I was frantically going between monitoring my companion to trying to resolve this Sister's concerns, to worrying about the member in the car outside who had no idea why we weren't coming out promptly, and then of course....doing all of this in Spanish. When we walked out, the cute sister in the car immediately determined that we were going to go visiting teaching with her---that we needed a pick-me-up. Apparently we looked a bit dejected. :( After that she took us to Savemart to get some icecream (and me some mango sorbet...which is delicious btw). Then she proceeded to walk down the aisles purchasing food that we needed. We tried to tell her no, but she persisted. It was so timely. And amazing. We left with several bags in our hands and so thankful for this wonderful sister and her desire to help us, and therefore help the Lord's work.
It has been quite a week. And I am sure it will continue to be crazy!

Sister Lemalu and I have fasted so much and prayed so much for those we care about and those that are overcoming huge obstacles in their paths. It is such a privilege to serve here and to become acquainted with all this amazing children of our Heavenly Father!!!!!

Sister Bolliger

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