Monday, March 21, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 30: Transfer to Fontana, New Companion, Young Ward, Breath of Fresh Air

Well I was transferred here to north Fontana here in California to the Summit Ward.

A new companion, a new area and a fresh outlook on this ward, me and my new companion, Elder Waldon.

So the first thing about this new ward, its the north part of Fontana and its small, I mean really small geographically, its honestly like you cut a piece out of a married ward in utah and transplanted it here, everyone is very very young and has kids, its literally the exact opposite of the last area that I was in. I went from the oldest ward in the mission to the youngest, outside of YSA wards. In Sacrament meeting there are so many little kids running around everywhere and all of the families are in their late 20s to early 30s. Heck the bishop is 32 years old. But I am already loving the new ward and the renewed sense of young blood that permeates it here in northern Fontana.
There is a very large percentage of graduated college students that are married and starting a family, a kind of breath of fresh air.
Well I also got a new companion, Elder Waldon, funnily him and the last 2 companions are all from the same district in the MTC. We are very much alike in a large number of ways, we have the same interests and see eye to eye on and lot of stuff, so far I have needed this transfer greatly as now I feel like I am in an environment and companionship that I feel like I can really work on some stuff and really get to working hard. So I am really looking forward to this transfer.

Well its going to be a little slow for a couple more days but it should start picking up soon as my companion cannot bike due to a heart condition so we haven't been doing all that much work recently but it should start to pick up soon hereafter.

Elder Bolliger, with hopefully again more news next week.

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