Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 19: the Giantess, Special Mini-Mission, Mighty Miracles Staying Awake, Poked Him in the Eye, Alma 42,

Salutations from Sister Bolliger---the giantess.

My precious trainee is Sister Clark from Cottonwood Heights, Utah. I guess I just can't get away from the Bengals! That's right--she's a Brighton High graduate! She's half Bolivian and half Japanese and is one of TWENTY-ONE children in her family! They are all adopted and my-oh-my what stories she has to share! And the best part of it all is that...duh duh duhhh...she is FOUR FEET TEN INCHES TALL! It's hilarious. I absolutely love it!!!! She's so cute and fun and takes correction so well. A good thing as I am practicing as best I can.

Man does the mission make you just grow and grow! We are seeing many mighty miracles again. :) And most of it revolves around being flexible. Imagine that!

We got a call at 2PM on Friday from our Zone Leaders telling us that we would be having a mini-missionary with us for the weekend, and that we would need to cancel everything for the night and drive to the next town over, Hanford. Yup. That's right. They have something in the Hanford Stake called "Special Ops" where priest age young men and laurel age young women are able to be set apart and go out with missionaries on splits for the entire weekend. We were able to have Sister Ashby join us and it was so much fun! We even did a Church tour with all three of us (Sister Clark's first) and I was so proud of them!

I must digress and tell you of my favorite purchase of the week. We were at Target after Sister Clark got her hair cut yesterday, and I found these cards. They are black alligator skin cards in LIME GREEN ENVELOPES. I don't think anything else screams Sister Bolliger--do you? I really have random priorities on relaying information about the mission don't I. :)

I feel the hand of the Lord leading and guiding the work in this area. Especially me. Since coming to the mission I have not had one day where I have not fallen asleep in the morning. It doesn't matter when I showered or how much I resolved, I would either fall asleep after exercise or during personal study. I agonized after President asked me to train--because I knew that even more I needed the time to study the gospel for personal and spiritual strength and to be an example for my companion. The night before I was to meet Sister Clark, I just laid it ALL out for the Lord. I told Him that this was time to qualify those that are called because I can't be the example that I need to be on my own. And miracle of miracles I have stayed awake EVERY SINGLE MORNING since Sister Clark has come!!! I am not kidding you this is the best miracle and gift that I could receive from Heavenly Father at this time. I have been so mad at myself for not being able to have the ability to do this, but I guess I am seeing Ether 12:27 in action. As I have come unto Heavenly Father, I have been shown my weaknesses. I now am understanding that Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses that we may be humble; and the grace of Heavenly Father IS sufficient for me as I humble myself before Him. As I humble myself before Him and have that faith in Him, weak things are being made strong in my life. AKA, I am able to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and STAY AWAKE for the entire day!!

My competitve self is probably another weakness I should allow the Lord to help me with. We were playing an intense game of Gatorball (amazing game by the way) with the Zone. Sister Bolliger being very unskilled in hand-eye coordination has to do her part to contribute and release her aggression. Therefore, at one point when an Elder was coming near our goal, I stuck my hand out (which was a thoughtless move, btw) and POKED HIM IN THE EYE. Not only did I poke him, but I managed to move his contact out of his eye! To be lost forever! I guess wearing contacts for so long comes in handy (hah hah) when dealing with the opposition. I also went for another Elder's head and got a hand full of gel. Gross. I guess they need whatever they need to make the parts in their hair. Geez louise. Needless to say, my team lost, but it wasn't without my full and violent participation. I have received a nickname from an Elders...Oh I don't think I'll ever live laser tag down. Haha.

The events of the weekend have put a damper on the spirits of the stake, but some great counsel from the mission president has helped us refocus on what we are here to do. We as missionaries are here to help lift and build and proclaim the very truths that give comfort in such a time as this. The Plan of Salvation is true and gives so much guidance and understanding as to the purpose of this life. I find that having the bigger perspective, not allowing myself to be discouraged or distracted by the things I cannot comprehend or see because of the circumstances of this life, allow me to feel the peace and assurance of the truth. President Gonzalez read Alma 42 with us and it was amazing. We read verse by verse and as a Zone discussed the principles of the gospel. I was overwhelmed with an incredible feeling of the truthfulness of the gospel and my gratitude of a Heavenly Father that allows a plan for us where both mercy and justice can be satisfied. I am so grateful for this knowledge and for the Church structure where all are able to find help and attention at such tragic times.

Sister Bolliger

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