Monday, August 16, 2010

Elder Bolliger - MTC Week 3:Trip to Provo Temple/Knowledge Growing Exponentially/I Love Letters/Seeing Lots of Friends/Flying to CA!

Well familia its been quite an experience here at the MTC. Today is our last Pday and we are going to go to the temple in an hour for a session. I have learned a great deal here at the mtc. Me and Elder Thurston's companionship has really grown a good amount and now we are on good terms. Its been a growing and learning experience that is unlike anything I have ever gone through. Tomorrow we fly out and I get to call from the airport! yay.

Holy cow my knowledge of the gospel has grown exponentially, I can now pretty much teach the first & second lessons from memory but I am still working on finding supporting scriptures for them. But one of my favorite scriptures for the atonement is now 2 Nephi 9, & it has a lot of great stuff (like how the atonement is infinite or how the atonement rescues us from being forever in the devils grasp).

I have got a lot of pictures but I won't be sending them home until next week at the earliest and make sure that they are properly backed up in multiple places. I'm counting on yall.

Our TRCs this week went over actually pretty well and we had a good experience doing them, we taught lesson 2 and we fixed some mistakes we made in the first one.

I got a letter from Sister March about how much she appreciated my talk on giving forgiveness and that helped her.

So while I have been here at the MTC I have met Elder Chris McNeil, Elder Nick Lush, Elder Austin Huntsman, Elder Tucker Hancock (from georgetown ward I think) as well as many others from BYU (like my old hometeacher, past roomates, and 2 current roomates from this last term).

Well its really crazy how small of a world it is here at the MTC. But I've got to go to the temple now so seeya later!

Well tomorrow I fly out to the California Ontario airport (only a 2 hour flight). I know some people that have flights around 30+ hours including layovers. So flying out to the mission will take less time than driving from the mission home. lol.

If you write me, I'll write you back.... I need your address first :)

Elder John Bolliger

California San Bernardino Mission Home
8280 Utica Ave., Ste 150
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

Elder Bolliger

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