Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 16: "Watch Out for Her Laser Gun- epilog", "Chanco ... correcting with love," Amazing investigator & mild drinks

Greetings! Another week down and do the crazy times just keep rollin!

I think this week would most be likened to an intense slap in the face. Sister Hernandez and I might have somewhat been like Laman and Lemuel and doing a bit of murmuring about our situations.. At Zone Conference we cornered Sister Gonzalez about that laser tag issue, etc. She raised her eyebrows and told us that she would talk to El Presidente. Well, we got a phone call that night from him asking us to come to the trainer & trainee meeting at the mission home. Sisters Haglund and Hernandez were going to be there anyway so we carpooled so that we could all talk to President. So, he first started by interviewing us individually, and then talked to us all together. The entire day was probably the most humbling and enlightening experience I have ever had. Haha. Seriously. I was able to look at things in a different (and much better) light, and realize so many things I needed to change and repent for. It has been a lot to process but it has incredibly helped. I am so grateful to have a mission president that cares enough to give us the time for specific instruction and teaching! While our faces may still feel like they're stinging, it was for the best. And my-oh-my am I glad that I have 14 more months to figure everything out! And try and learn as much as possible! It's kind of scary to think what I would be like if I hadn't come on a mission... Duh duh duhhhhhhh.

Well, as we are all communicating and doing well and having probably TOO much fun.

Speaking of fun, the other day we were at the grocery store and saw some pinatas. And happened to see one that would be a wonderful addition to a little part we're having with the four of us for Sister Hernandez's year mark and Sister Haglund's birthday. He looks like a little bullfighter...sparkly belt and all. We call him: "Chanco." Sooo, today Sister Lemalu and I were in charge of the role play in our district meeting. So we brought our pinata man with us. And he had my nametag. We were practicing correcting with love. And it is probably the MOST hilarious thing that I have ever been a part of. :) These poor Elders. We were all figuratively rolling on the ground---while OF COURSE being instructed and learning from one another. I am going to be sad when transfers come and two of these Elders go home!!

Chanco just is chilling in our apartment for now. We're trying to decide if we'll break him our not. The idea of the candies is so tempting, but he is just hilarious and always frightens me when I go to get water in the night when I am sans glasses and see this little green and red man just patiently waiting. :)

Chuck W continues to be the most amazing investigator. I haven't been part of this stage in missionary work before, and so it is ALL about learning as I go. We're preparing for the baptismal interview, reserving the building, and getting everything ready for his baptism on the 21st! We're very excited and we know that he is too! He's such a cowboy it's hilarious. He's so independent and just plugging along! We teach him the Word of Wisdom in about an hour and a half. Hahah. He read D&C 89 and underlined "mild drinks" and wanted to know what those were. Hahah. Funny man.

Peace be the Journey -
Sister Bolliger - the Younger

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