Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 15: "Watch Out for Her Laser Gun- part 2", looking like Red Riding Hood's wolf, FASTing, little missionary!

So this week has been cluttered with ridiculousness as usual. :)

Remember that laser tag experience of craziness when I might have hit my companion in the face with my laser gun? Yeah. Tuesday night we received a call out (or voicemail) from the Zone Leaders discussing some announcements. They mentioned that laser tag would no longer be permitted in the mission. Ever.

We were a bit perplexed and Sister Hernandez wonderfully remembered to ask the Zone Leaders at the next phone call what the reasoning was. Duh duh duhhhhhhhhh. So there were two Zones that were at this particular event. The Porterville zone (all Elders) and the Visalia zone (where Sister Hernandez, Sister Lemalu, Sister Haglund and I are the only sisters). Apparently, an Elders saw a sister missionary hugging an Elder while playing a game of laser tag. He then talked to his Zone Leaders, who talked to the Assistants, and then this rule came about.

Here is the kicker. The only sisters there are the sisters I live with!!!! We were SO upset (and still are actually) that someone would question the integrity of one of us!! To the extent to which new rules are being mandated! The highest probability of who they think it is -- is me. Haha. I had crazy hair and we think we have figured out what this "Elder" thought he saw. When I hit Sister Lemalu in the face with my laser gun I grabbed her head between my hands because I thought that I had hit her in the eyeball! I was trying to figure out if she was okay or not. And then I proceeded to sort of hold her as she was figuring out if she was okay. ... Sister Lemalu is also tall. Was wearing shorts. Is thin. And had her hair pulled back. :) Yup. That's right. I was hugging my companion dagnabit!!!! So we're all really frustrated and looking towards Zone Conference with difficulty as both zones again will be together. We don't like the idea of someone thinking such negativity and ridiculousness!!! AHHHH! Sister Bolliger couldn't really sleep that night after she heard. Blast!!!!

Well, in other words, I have been recovering from a super super nasty cough. I imagine I looked like the wolf in the story of Red Riding Hood, chilling in the covers with a granny cap on and looking atrocious. There was one day I couldn't even move from my bed. But I did anyway. Because I'm not about to stop working because of some stupid virus. Enter in a funny story. One of our investigators was ALL set to come to Church. We had visited him this week, etc., but Sunday morning he called with a lost voice and told us that he was sick. I INFECTED HIM!! Ahhhh. That's like counter missionary work. Hahaha. I also got a whole ward missionary's family sick. :) That's real love. I'm spreading the germs and the gospel! :)

Chuck W continues to be a stud. He FASTED THIS SUNDAY. On his own! And then paid fast offering. Yeah. He came and handed me the precious gray envelope and asked who to give it to! I was so startled I told him to give it to the guy with the tie. Hahahah. Clever girl Sister Bolliger! My next qualification was white shirt, ...(but I was just making fun of myself). He went and handed it to the first counselor! It was CRAAZY! He looked at the water for the sacrament and looked at me and indicated that he thinks they should put more water in there for fast sunday. Hahah. And he thinks they should dispose with the hymns because we're all trying to save our saliva! Hahahahah. I died!

Keep us in your prayers! We have an insane mission goal of 200 baptisms in August and boy-oh-boy are we doing everything to get it! I am trying to look towards the goal without anxiety. Heh heh. :) I have so much to learn about myself and basically EVERYTHING that I am just glad that I'm here taking it one day at a time learning about the gospel and what Heavenly Father wants me to learn!

We taught a new investigator in a town called Goshen close to Visalia, and her little daughter, who is 7, told us that when she grew up she wanted to be a lady missionary. :) It was SO adorable! I let her put on my nametag and she went and knocked on the cabinet doors. It was super precious. And all in spanish. Yeah. Everyone thinks that missionaries can speak their language. Not so. But I was praying and was able to communicate with them and then we taught in English. :)

Ahhh! No time! We've got to rush off to an appointment! Love y'all!

Sister Bolliger - the younger

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