Monday, August 2, 2010

Elder Bolliger - MTC Week 1: Feeling the Mantle, Sprit taking over, Really cool comp, DEAR ELDER Letters are AWESOME!

Well hello my dear family (and friends),

This week we are studying the first lesson in Preach My Gospel. I now am beginning to understand the power and authority the mantle that the missionaries have, and the power of discernment when you need to tell someone something that the spirit knows but you don't.

For one activity this past we we paired up with other companionships and I got Elder Stoddard and we briefly talked for like 5-10 minutes. After that we were supposed to share with them a message about something that they needed to hear. I found some scriptures that were talking about what I wanted to talk about and promptly started sharing those. When I got through the lesson a little bit the spirit took over and started directing me in a different area than I was expecting. It was interesting as I bore my testimony on something that I wasn't planning and overall it was not how I seemed. But then when he did it to me the spirit really hit the problem on the head as it is what I needed to hear.

So my Comps name is Elder Thurston from Burley, ID. Really cool guy no I mean elder, he's shorter but a really cool guy and always smiling. All of my district of 10 elders is going to the San Benardino Mission which is really cool. There is an elder here who dwarfs me in size and height (6'8" 280lb BYU linemen). And its really cool cause we are super motivated in everything, and I actually am enjoying singing hymns now.

Well I am trying to stay awake in personal study as its not the easiest thing to do since we don't eat nor exercise before it. But I am really starting to enjoy the MTC. Can you post how to get on and send me messages and or mail me messages (San Bernardino Mission, MTC Mail Box 172) And just dearelder me stuff. :)

I am really starting to learn the gospel. I have so little email time(30min) to email.

Well it would be great if yall could send me some more as those are by far the fastest way of getting here. Well I am running out of time and I hope yall have a great day and always pray for the missionaries!

Elder Bolliger

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