Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 1 - Greenie Pranked or Punked?, Being "Normal", Investigators to Teach, Pretty Sweet Mission!

Holy cow this last week has gone by pretty quick.I got my trainer and I have been getting "green" dinners all this past week.
I have the youngest trainer of all of the guys, he's been out only 7 1/2 months and is a cool guy from Bountiful, UT. Elder Tyler Hall is his name. And he is a pretty chill guy, more of my style, knows when to have fun and when to work hard. My area is actually really sweet as we have dinners every night and sometimes lunches, right now I am in a car but sometimes I would rather be on a bike. But a lot of my fears of security and stuff like that are pretty much unfounded as no one really messes with the missionaries cause of superstition, even in the lesser demographic areas. So for the most part as long as you aren't stupid you're alright.
I actually did get greenie pranked this last week and it was done pretty well. There is an african-american family in the ward that acted like the mother was the only normal one and everyone else acted all punk and like they had word of wisdom problems and when they answered the door he was all in our faces. Well the first time we went over there they all acted like they didn't want us there and it was a little nerve racking but we went back and they were all chill. It was done pretty well and the first time I was all nervous. So it was a fun thing and I laughed it off and want to do it now to the guy who is coming after Hall.
Well Colton, CA. This is an interesting place, there are some really strong families here. One of them (the Bowlers) have a daughter in the Georgetown ward with the last name of Bowler. I believe they actually visited her a couple of months ago. (She lives by IKEA and that one burger place just up I-35). Small world huh?
Well I am liking my area and really liking being out of the MTC, its a lot more "free" and it's fun yet we are working a good deal with 2 investigators but we still haven't yet done a lot of tracting, I guess we have a lot of good investigators and that's not really a problem. It feels so weird being out here in the field but I haven't gotten a picture of me and my trainer yet so I will have to do that soon.
It feels so weird being out here in the field. One of the APs Brasher was saying that I was one of the "normal" greenies that came out.
Right now I am on the southern border of the mission that borders Riverside, like when we drive down roads the far end of them are in Riverside, so we sometimes call them cause thats where our ward boundry goes up against.

My address is now the 8280 Utica ave ste#150 one.
In this mission its pretty much your "dad" is your trainer, "mom" is your 2nd transfer trainer, you "grandpa" is your trainer's trainer, and uncles,aunts,brothers its all complex but everyone knows their relation to one another.
But my P-Day (preparation day) is on Mondays.
This is a pretty sweet mission and although I am not waking up as early as I should be I am getting better at it. And learning the ropes, although I'm a greenie and what do I know?

Elder Bolliger

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