Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 3: Liking the days when I wake at 6:30am, Rugby Fun, Strong Investigators, Deciding what I want, Gifts of the Spirit!

Well this week has sure been interesting.

I am finally working on myself to wake up every day at 6:30, it hasn't been the easiest. And I am liking the days when I do it because those days are always the best when I wake up and exercise -> personal study -> comp study. And it starts really good.

Well today is P-Day and I finally played some rugby, which I never have before but always wanted too. It was just touch rugby though, but one of our ZLs, his name is Elder Okuso. He was playing for Australia's under 21 national rugby team and may go to BYU rugby or football. I think we are going to get together and practice throwing and different skills, its a fun game though.

Two weeks ago, we set 2 baptismal dates and are going to most likely get another this next week. We also have a brother in the ward who has brothers that may be interested in the church. His sister, who was inactive for a lot of her life, has a strong desire to come back to church with her kids. So we may have some baptisms on the way.

Well it's crazy how its already week 4 out here in the field. Time is sure flying by. I am seeing a lot of different situations in the world and starting to decide for myself what I want out of life and things post mission.

I am so glad for the different gifts that you get when you are set apart to be a missionary, things like the gift of discernment and when you are sharing a message and not sure what to say to let the spirit be your guide and direct you on a path where you need to share what needs to be said.

It's also sad to see investigators who know the gospel is true to be held back by members who aren't the best of examples to them, ( we have 2 that follow this category ), that could progress and be baptized but just can't. Well overall I am starting to get accustomed to mission life, and all of the other missionaries out here in the San Bernardino, CA Mission.

Tao toki fe tau laki

Elder Bolliger

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