Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 22: Hakuna Matata, Leon's progressing! Twenty Sister Training, Lots of Miracles. I Love My Ward and Area!


This week is going to be quite an interesting one. We have Leon getting baptized on Saturday which is going to be quite a feat! And we have three all-day meetings in Fresno at the Mission Office. Gah! And today we had District Meeting. I think I'm starting to get a feel for the work when I get frustrated by all the time that I don't have to go out and spread the message of the restored gospel! But, these meetings are amazing. :)

We are having Sister Training. So it's all the sisters in the mission! All 20 of us! There is a new method of teaching, using Preach My Gospel, that we are all getting trained in. The Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and trainers all went to this same series of meetings, but because we never go on splits with Elders, or will have them as companions, the information won't be able to be disseminated in the same way. So we all get to be together! For four full days! We met Tuesday and Thursday of this week, and Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

This week we also have the Trainer and Trainee meeting. On Friday. Haha. But I am so proud of my little trainee! We did a roleplay in front of President Gonzalez yesterday and it was powerful! I was nervous because he was observing us, but through our courage and determination we were able to rely on the Spirit and work together!

We're seeing lots of miracles continually and I'm starting to get nervous about transfers! I really don't want to leave this area. There are so many families and people that I have come to know and love and I'd much prefer it if I could stay for a long time. :) But isn't that the attitude that usually means you're leaving? Haha. I have learned all the names of people, they are starting to love the missionaries, we're gaining trust from everyone, and generally I am so excited about the work here! I've been teasing Sister Clark (shocker I know) about leading the area next transfer and she actually has started stressing out about it. Haha. Maybe I should tone it down a bit..

In all, things are crazy busy. Haha. And Sister Bolliger's crazy. And this is ridiculous. :)

Sister Bolliger

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