Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 21: Hard Work! Throwing Down the Challenges, "Driving in the Image of the Church?!" Autumn is coming, Milestones!


My people:

Sister Bolliger here. This week has been busy as ever and we are plodding along about our missionary service! We are emerging out of the haze of the recent tragedy and we're able to get back to the kind of work that I like! Which is hard work! Haha. Imagine that. :)

Sister Clark is hilarious and wonderful and she has got me wearing sunglasses all the time as I drive as my eyes dry out weirdly fast with these kinds of contacts (which actually are working out super great, btw). So we pretty much look the bomb dot com.

Leon has a baptismal date for the 25th! And he has his baptismal interview this week! I'm semi-nervous about the question about past crimes committed, but he's actually progressing! It's amazing to see people decide to follow the gospel. Leon was someone we were going to drop, being taught off and on for the last two years, but he has made the initiative to change and change he has! I might have threw down on him to read a chapter a day from the Book of Mormon and the Bible and my-oh-my if he hasn't pulled through! There are lots of exclamation points involved but he is just that awesome. He's living the word of wisdom and law of chastity and says that he has never felt happier. He has also come for Church consistently (another part of Sister Bolliger's ultimatum). He's in a wheelchair and is semi-paralyzed from the waist down and has some intense wounds...so we've been brainstorming how he's going to get baptized with our Ward Mission Leader and the stake leaders. It is probably going to involve several men in the very narrow steps of the font. But it will be exciting!

We have been seeing everyone come on fire about missionary work. Probably because Sister Bolliger is just starting to throw down on everyone! I like leaving commitments and challenges and then following up. Nasty me I know! But it's lighting the fire!

Sister Clark committed me to "drive in the image of the Church" this week. Yeah. Isn't that super rad? According to "some" I may drive a little fast or accelerate to the "speed limit" quickly or generally do other things that may not be the most missionary like conduct. Haha. So I'm working on it. We're obviously missionaries due to the ridiculous bike rack that is actually more like a spear on the back of the car, and with that and the fact that we ate dinner last night at the house of a Highway Patrolman might have also convinced me to accept the commitment of my precious companion. :)

I told the ward that I'd stay in Visalia 3rd until they learned my name, so now when people say "Bolliger" incorrectly I just like to think that they're just saying that they want me to stay longer. Haha. Those little tricks come in handy!

I am just generally incredibly happy and super grateful that the temperatures have started to drop! I can already smell Autumn coming in and it is fabulous! To have days where we stay below 100 degrees is a privilege. I've already busted out some longer sleeves! I feel like it's a vacation when it's so nice outside! And I think the nice weather has made knocking even better as it puts everyone else in an awesome mood.

There are some large milestones rapidly approaching. I hit six months on the mish at General Conference and the 22nd birthday the following month! Oiaue! What is to be done!? I can already feel my back starting to hurt more. Hahah. I can't believe how fast time is flying!!!!

I am just loving the Old Testament right now. And the New Testament. And everything. Hahah. I just wish I could read faster! And comprehend quicker! And everything!! Love, love, love.

Well my companion's getting restless and playing around the computer. Haha. So I think it's time to go!!!


Sister Bolliger - the Younger

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