Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elder Bolliger - Hesperia Week 55: Amazing Week & 40 Day Fast, Temple Session for Victoria, Progressing Investigators,

Dear Family and Friends,

The past week has been an amazing one for us and for this missionary work in this ward. The 40 day fast is bringing us so many prepared and golden investigators its just amazing. Right now we have 4 people with a date and we hope by the end of this transfer that number is around 8, which in all actualality is possible. This last week we contacted 2 referrals we got, one of them from the spanish elders and another one from a family in the ward. We contacted them both and on the first visit committed them to baptism and they accepted, a couple that accepted and a non-member husband of another. We invited them and they both came to church on sunday and it was great having them there, the non-member husband during elders quorum said that he had questions about the church and that they were answered during that class, its so exciting!
This past week I went to a temple session for Victoria and it was amazing, Elder Hall was there as well and it was an amazing time to see people progress from where they were a year ago to such strength in the gospel.
Our main progressing investigator [Judy] is progressing in learning the gospel at an incredible rate, we have been teaching her lesson 3 and 4 over the past 2 weeks and everything we teach her she accepts so readily, she is the most golden of investigators I have ever taught and my love for this ward just increases daily, we help out in the ward to remove pride and communication problems, we work really really hard and people are starting to get to a good comfortable situation with us ( this actually isn't bad) people are getting to the point that we can be loving and bold and correcting with them and still have a good atmosphere free from contention and hard feelings so that through the enabling power of the atonement people can be free from grudges, offenses and other things that people nurse and let control them rather than being in control of their emotions. I am definitely beginning to open my heart to the ward and to my companion so that we can be unified in all things so that the spirit of the lord will be able to be strong with us as we teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can achieve Eternal Life with heavenly father.
I am excited to see what this week will bring as we keep on getting more and more referrals and my understanding of how the gospel works and especially how missionary work works. Its a very interesting thing once you understand about how some referrals and people you teach are to just tide you over until the real golden investigators come, I know that may be a harsh way of approaching it but it seems like this is how it happens, or the time for them to truly accept the gospel has not come yet. Sometimes it seems like people are put in our removed out of our path in order to teach those who the lord wants us to teach.

In one week from today I can count the number of months I have left one two hands. I will have been out for 14 months, and have less than 10 months left, what is going on? This mission is going by too quickly for me.

One of the most incredible things in being a missionary is to have the Joy that comes from seeing people progress in the gospel. I believe I now know and understand what it means to 'love the people and to open your heart to the people around and to your companion'. And you just grow to love people and especially your converts as your family, that is truly one place your joy comes from as a missionary.

My spiritual sensistivity continues to increase as I learn about how the spirit works - more and more its just incredible what it does.

I hope that yall get some rain back in Texas and I love you all.

Elder Bolliger

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