Saturday, September 3, 2011

Elder Bolliger - Hesperia Week 53: "One of the best weeks I have ever had on my mission! "

Well family this past week has been one of the best weeks I have ever had on my mission! As you may know our ward started a 40 day fast last monday with Bishop Casady as the starting family and we didn't expect the blessings to come this fast and not nearly this much this soon.
So this past week we have had a number of awesome and amazing lessons. The first one was with a Samoan family named the Pelettis and we have been trying to get over there and to teach them for months now, the last missionaries that taught them were over a year ago and they are prepared and know that the gospel is true, but are just letting some things prevent them from following christ's example at this time but we are starting to get weekly teaching appointments with them and are really looking forward to teaching them that amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and I can't wait for that appointment. And the parents are ready for the gospel and pretty much come to church regularly every single week. And we taught them about Lehi's dream and about being an example to your family and Lehi's beckoning to his family to follow him on the iron rod. Thne about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can bless their lives, after that they fed us some polynesian teriyaki and I think I had 3 or 4 plates of it, dang good but if you know polynesian people and missionaries then you understand what I mean by feed and feed you. This was just tuesday.

On Wednesday I was on exchanges out in Phelan which is way the heck out there from where we live, its practically all dirt roads and the truck that we drive is so beat up because of the abuse the roads put on it, its fun but man is it bumpy, it kind of reminds me of west texas a ton acutally and its been hot up here in the 105-110 range but withour the humidity, the sun still soaks your energy away.
And while I was gone we had another amazing lesson with a girl and her boyfriend who we met in our apartment complex and taught the restoration pretty much just sitting there on the grass. They went back and taught her and her boyfriend and once again they both felt the spirit when they talked about the gospel of jesus christ, while out in the desert we had a good day with some good lessons and had some fun with Elder Hatch, who Elder Hall also trained and is my mission brother.
On Thursday we got a phone call from the bishops wife (they fasted on monday) about a lady that wanted to meet us that day and wanted to take the lessons from us, we went over there and had a very,very spiritual lesson and she felt the spirit and knew that it was true and wanted to meet with us again the next day. She is an older lady that has been searching for the gospel all of her life and as we taught she knew what we were saying is true and many of her questions that she had asked people all of her life were answered by the power of the holy ghost which we had and used to know her needs.
So on friday weere pretty excited and were excited to come back and to teach here once again, we taught her the Doctrine of Christ and committed her to baptism in a few weeks and she readily accepted, she is one of the most golden investigators I have ever seen or heard of on my mission so far, she also has a friend and a daughter that are also seeking for truth and we will be teaching them this next week as well, how exciting the lords work can be !
That night we had dinner with a young married couple named the Humes and it was like being back home with the missionaries we talked and talked about different things and it was really really relaxing to just be ourselves with them, it was really a lot of fun, he is a super solid member and will be coming out with us this next week to a couple of appointments.
On Saturday we went out with a rececently reactivated member named Brother Wall who is an older guy but quite the character when it comes to talking with people, we took him around on exchanges and it was a great thing as we visited some people that we felt that we should go and see, we had a ball talking and laughing with the members as well as doing some Damage Control which seems like a common thing for us in this ward.
Okay now we get to sunday and we meet with the Ward Council and the members in the ward and go over some of the problems and ways that we can help fix them with this 40 day fast and the miracles that occured in the past week, we also got up in sacrament and did the exact same thing and told the ward how much this WILL help and the MIRACLES that have come from fasting and praying oft ( Alma 6:6 ). The ward really responded well to that signed up with the dinner calendar more than they have in the past as well as signing up like 10 sopots in the 40 day fast calendar, we have already seen the positive effects of it and can't wait to see what will happen next.
But the amazingness of this past week is not over yet, after church we had a casual appointment with a part member family and I learned many small but important lessons about the holy ghost, namely that the to invite the holy ghost to be there you do not need to necessarily pray but that that prayer is one of the quickest ways to bring the spirit into a situation, because this situation would not initially allow for such an event to happen we talked and then testified about the gospel of jesus christ and about how much it can bless his life, the spirit was so strong there and we commited him to be baptized when he finds out that undeniable witness for himself that the true gospel of jesus christ has been restored to the earth and Christ wants him to follow after him and to be baptized by one holding Authortity, it touched his wife who was a member and it touched him as well and we set up a return appointment for the following week, we are so excited for that even to happen!

So that was the amazing week that Elder Gibson and I had and we are looking forward to this next one so much.
Elder Bolliger

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