Monday, September 12, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 73: Always Hectic Transfer Week, Splendidly with 5'10" Comp, Vineyards & Spiders- No Worries, Providential Referrals!


Well, this week has seen its fair share of miracles. :) Things are always a bit hectic transfer week, but I am happy to say that things are going splendidly!
It took quite a bit of work to get the apartment ready for Sister Wiese. I like to have things clean. And we have a mold problem in our bathroom that I hadn't noticed until a few days before transfers. Because I never wear my glasses in the shower and our lights have burned out in the bathroom...I couldn't see the mold. Gross! So..I attacked it with straight bleach. And boy does it look beautiful now! Sister Croft was sad to go to Madera, but we had some bonding time where I dyed her hair before she left. Haha.

Sister Wiese is from Bluffdale, Utah. And she is 5'10"! It is so odd to have to look someone straight in the eye! Hahah. We keep bumping into each other because we are used to littler companions. I feel the spirit SO much with Sister Wiese. She's a bit quiet, but appreciates my humor. What more could I ask for? :) We have seen lots of miracles as we have worked together in this area.

This Wednesday was the vineyard time! It was so much fun! Each congregation is assigned a certain number of rows to take care of throughout the year. We were scrambling for a ride to go up to Madera to help, and we finally found one and were able to go! We got SO dirty but it was fabulous. We picked grapes (and I didn't even hurt myself!) with special knives and it was a great way for Sister Wiese to get to know the ward! There were lots of spiders and bugs but I didn't care at all. I was wearing pants. And tennis shoes. Haha. But...leaves kept getting stuck in my hair so I am pretty sure I looked verrrry special.

We had a phone call from Bishop last week saying that a woman in the Bay area wanted her sister to be visited by the missionaries. So, we went to try and contact her. It took us probably 4 tries because her roommate would keep answering the door and saying that she wasn't there. Well, we finally met her and she is adorable!! Roxanna is so spunky. She is going to school at West Hills for Culinary Arts and has a two-year-old son with Autism. We were able to help her move out of her apartment and then into a storage unit. Our height came in handy!! We were able to stack those boxes all the way up to the top! Haha. She then came to church yesterday with her brother-in-law and nephew (who are members) that were visitng here for the weekend. It was perfect! We already have a great fellowshipper in mind...a lady who is a caterer and herself has an autistic son. :) We introduced them on Sunday and we're excited for Roxanna to get baptized!
We also had another providential phone call from Bishop last night. He said that a young man from the Navy base had contacted him trying to find the missionaries. Haha. Yes! He had talked with the missionaries when he was living at home, but his parents had them stop coming. Well, one of his friends reintroduced him to the church and so he wants to learn more! We're having a lesson with him this Wednesday at a member's house. We invited him to go on before the lesson and he replied that he has already been on there! Haha. Sweet!
I don't know what it is about the water here--but it seems like EVERY animal has little babies. In the trailer parks the chihuahuas have their little chihuahua puppies. A member's house we stopped at yesterday had little husky puppies. Another house had a little toy poodle puppy. And then another house had baby guinea pigs! Ay caramba!

I am excited for my district this transfer. My new District Leader is from San Antonio, Texas. We talk about Rudy's a lot. Haha. And there is another Elder from Texas here as well! Maybe Heavenly Father is trying to prepare me to go back home? Hahah.

Peace be the Journey,

Hermana Bolliger

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