Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 74: My First ? on My Mission, Other Lows, So Prepared Investigators, Baptism on Sunday

So a funny story that I forgot to send you last time. :)

Well.. I had my first police run-in in the mission. And might I add, life. We were on our way to the church, and driving down a road I have probably driven on daily since I have been here in Lemoore. Well, in lovely California, the left arrow to turn and the main lights to go straight do not turn green simultaneously. So, I was next to a policeman waiting to go straight, when I suddenly acted on pure reflexes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the arrow to turn go green, and I immediately sped out of the intersection. Well, all of a sudden I realized that none of the other cars had followed me. And that there was a policeman behind me with his lights on. Oh how precious. I pulled over into the Quick 'n' EZ parking lot.. and was prepared to explain myself. Haha. I felt so dumb! Well, as the policeman was talking to me, I heard the description of our car over his radio. Hahah. We were wanted women! He replied, "I got 'em." Ooh! I'm infamous! I explained that the lights in Texas were NOT like that. I probably should have checked my Texas pride a bit, but it turned out in my favor. He ran my license through his computer and came back telling me to be more careful next time. I wanted to give him a card but decided not to press my luck. lol. My first time ever to get pulled over! Not that I haven't merited it before, but I was caught this time!
This week has been intense!

We met with the most golden investigator EVER!! His girlfriend is a member and is in Iraq at the moment. We had our first lesson with him at a members home (which happened to be just down the street from his new apartment) and it was AMAZING! He said that he just wanted a relationship with God. And wanted to pray daily, not just when he needed help. And wanted to come to church. And understand the scriptures. Hahaha. FOR REAL! He had already read 1 Nephi and all of the information on It was sooo cute though. He was explaining how he just didn't understand how we could get the Book of Mormon from the plates. He was like.. "Well...the plates HAVE to be round." As soon as Sister Wiese and I understood the dilemma we whipped out a picture and showed him that the plates were thin sheets of metal bound together like a book. Hahah. He was SO relieved to understand how it all came together! The members were AMAZING and invited him to sit with them at church.
We set up a church tour for the next day and the member said he would love to come. Our golden investigator said he would love it if the member came to help him feel more comfortable! The church tour was great. Spirit-filled! He wants to be baptized. So bad! Hahah. There is just a bit of trickiness in setting a date since he is being deployed for a month in October. We're pushing for October 2nd and I know that he is SO SO prepared!
He came to church this last Sunday and although the lesson material was a bit heavy (eternal marriage and way too indepth plan of salvation), he LOVED it! Haha. He was like.. "this is the most lively church I have ever been too!" (thank you young families and rambunctious children). He also volunteered the information that he only drinks a glass of wine very occasionally and that he thinks that drinking alcohol is stupid. :) We were already planning on teaching the word of wisdom next!

This week did have its lows though.. a family that we were teaching that was so promising got REALLY REALLY anti-ed. It was so sad to see them declining to find out for themselves through prayer. It was a bit discouraging but Sister Wiese and I both felt that it was a testimony building experience for both of us. The gospel is just so true!

We picked up a few former investigators this last week. There are lots of people prepared here in Lemoore for the gospel!

We are having a baptism this next Sunday. This week is going to be amazing!!! I am so excited for the Relief Society general meeting. This Sunday is going to be the Primary Program. I am so excited! :)

Hermana Bolliger

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