Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 70 - 71: Phew! We made it through this week!

Well this week has been insane!!!

On Wednesday we were able to go to the temple and it was such a joy! I love going! Although I could barely stay awake (whenever I sit down I seem to fall asleep) the Spirit was absolutely beautiful. :) Wednesday night we drove back up to Fresno for an exchange. Sister Croft when in a Spanish area and I was able to be here in Lemoore with Sister Gurecki! I sat next to Sister Gurecki's twin in my French and Italian Cinema class my last semester at BYU! So we had a splendid time! We found lots of new investigators and did tons of spanish chatting!

On Thursday, we switched back at 8PM that night.

On Friday, we did weekly planning and then prepared for Special Ops. Special Ops is when priest and laurel age young men and women (16-18) from the Hanford stake are able to be set apart and go with full-time missionaries for the weekend. It was great! I was able to have Sister Willis as my companion, and Sister Croft had Sister Preston! We stopped by the ward party before we went to Hanford to get the new missionaries, and it was so spectacular looking! :) We drove home late Friday night back to Lemoore and had to make an emergency stop at the church to get another chair for one of the Special Ops ladies to sit on! Haha. Planning Friday night was pretty intense as we did it for two sets of us!

Saturday began with lots of incredibleness. Sister Willis and I went all around town talking to everyone we saw and knocking some amazingly fruitful areas! Sister Croft and Sister Preston went on bikes for the day and it was amazing how many new investigators we found! That night a brother in the ward took all of us out to eat---and that was quite a treat! The restaurant was Ethel Red's Chop House. Doesn't that sound delightful!! It was so delicious!! And reminded me of good ol' texas.

Sunday was also a full day! We had the Special Ops sisters make phone calls and send texts to remind people to come to Church taht morning while Sister Croft and I went to Ward Council. Then it was Sunday business as ususal getting the translation equipment ready and to work! (I had to go up to the stand during Sacrament Meeting to go fix the translation material) Then, Sister Preston's parents showed up to take her home. We took a picture and they followed us to the apartment to go and get her things! Sister Willis stayed with us for a bit longer. We went to go contact some people we had met the day before and then she was off back to her home ward! Then, the work was not over! We had to go and get ready for our baptism that night! Destinee D our cute girl in the Hanford ward that we were teaching was getting baptized! We went over to the Stake Center to make sure things were getting ready. Well, thre were no Elders to be found! Since it was not our building we don't have keys to the font so that it could start getting filled! Well, after a few frantic phone calls, the other set of Elders from Hanford (not from the ward where Destinee lives) came and opened it up for us. :) We were a bit nervous! hahah. We filled up some garbage cans with water to make it go faster. Well, the baptism went really really well! Fortunately it started a little bit late...which gave the font plenty of time to fill up! :) Destinee had asked me and one of the Elders from her ward to sing a duet. We sang "I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me." With our like five minutes of practice before the went really really well! The talks were perfect and it was so wonderful to see her baptized! Her Bishop baptized her. Sister Croft gave Destinee a picture of the Savior that she drew. We both signed the back of it. It was swell! She calls me Sister Boulevard, and Sister Croft, Sister Kraft. It was so beautiful and so exciting!!

Phew! We made it through this week! I am pretending that I am never going to leave the mission. And that I am never going home. Haha. This Saturday we find out about transfers. I don't want to leave Lemoore!!

Peace be the journey!

Hermana Bolliger

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