Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 75: Baptism, Training in Visalia, Fresno Farewell Fireside, Back Seat Driver

Well this week was fantastic.
We had a baptism last night. And it was splendid! Isis Yamilet B was baptized by one of our pre-mission ward missionaries. Isis is 9 and I think her baptism was a great reminder for her family about the importance of baptismal covenants. She felt so special! It took four times to get her baptized, haha, but it was well worth it! Her primary teacher gave a talk, along with another sister in the ward that does the music in primary. Isis really wanted to swim in the water after being baptized, but I think that being baptized four times took away that desire! She just wanted to get dry! Haha. A huge part was that Isis' older sister, Alicia, bore the closing prayer. She has been an investigator that I have worked with off and on the whole time I have been here in Lemoore. She was very nervous, but I walked up with her to the front and she said a beautiful prayer in Spanish. I was so proud of her!
We had specialized training in Visalia this week. This was my last big meeting as a missionary. Ah! Tradition in the mission is that new incoming missionaries and departing missionaries bear their testimonies at such meetings. Oh my goodness. I was the first to go to bear my testimony and I had promised myself I would not be emotional. But, for the first time has hit me that all of this is going to end. That I am not going to be "Sister Bolliger the full-time missionary" forever. Gah! I have been taking a lot of comfort in a talk from Elder Holland, however, that says "faith is pointed towards the future." I am trying to have faith for the future and be calm as this transition quickly approaches!
We got the fliers for the farewell. It will be in the evening on Sunday, October 16, at the mission office (1814 n echo). I am redoing mine to look spiffy and should be sending those out ASAP.
I loved going to the Relief Society broadcast. In the Hanford stake, they have a tri-tip dinner beforehand! I didn't even hold it against them that it was tri-tip. Haha. They had leftovers that they gave to us. What a spiritual and physical feast that was! I love listening to our church leaders and especially being able to prepare for General Conference that is coming up!
This week we have been all over our huge area contacting former investigators and going through the records that we have for members. I am trying to set Sister Wiese up with all of the information that I have in my head--in an accessible location! I'm doing an intense color coding of the map with everything and it should hopefully help her out!
Also, for the first time EVER in the mission. I am no longer the driver. We requested to have Sister Wiese be the driver so that she could learn the area. Ah! It is freaking me out! I just realized the other day that I don't have to look at the road while a passenger. I have driven every day of my mission. And it's a weird adjustment to be a passenger! haha. But it is great as Sister Wiese is able to learn the roads and the area better. It's also a great mental exercise for me as I have to transition my autopilot driving into coherent directions. lol. Thankfully we have something called a u-turn! :)
We had a great lesson with a referral from the ward. It was awesome as we started out with our expectations and hers as well. She has come from a rough religious background but she is excited to change! We had anticipated that she might have some problems with the Book of Mormon but she readily accepted our reading assignment and treating it as scripture!
I have still refused to look at a calendar to see how many days are left. With the change of when we're released I know that takes away a preparation day for me to get ready to leave! Ah!

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