Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elder Bolliger - Adelanto, CA Week 59: "Now the only Bolliger Missionary in the field"

Hello family,

I can not believe that Katie is going to be released as a missionary today! it seems just so weird to think about.

Well right now I am in Adelanto,CA which is only about 10-15 minutes away from my last area, so close yet so far. But the area is one... just different honestly. But already we have had some miracles here, there were two appointments that turned out to be different than we were thinking initially.

The first one was a group of friends of a girl in the ward who met with missionaries once before and helped to answer questions, this time we watched the Prophet of the Restoration with them, it was good as for the most part it is self explanatory but it helps to put the Restoration in a more easy to view format, the movie went over good but it was afterword that his interest really started to peak up, we were going back and forth in a Q&A about different gospel subjects and his attitude completely changed, it went from a "II respect you but I really don't believe it" at first to him feeling that it is true and willing to read and pray about the things that we taught. It was quote the changed and I have noticed on my mission that 'golden investigators' progress noticeably during the actual lesson and he was definitely doing that.

We had another such appointment with a daughter of a member in the ward who is the only member in her household and in the past the daughter has been pretty mean to the missionaries. Well this time we offered her to pick any of the discussions that we had to teach and she chose the Plan of Salvation, it was a very,very good lesson with the spirit there and we answered many different questions about where we go after we die and so forth. it was awesome, we could see her be impacted by it and especially when we started applying it to her directly, she got much more involved in it and we actually set up a return appointment to teach her again, actually on her birthday so we will be making cookie brownies for her and hopefully will help her to come unto christ even more.

Well we had a good week and this is sure a learning experience being a senior companion for the first time, its definitely interesting but good nonetheless.

Here are some pictures from Judy Y Baptism on Saturday,
They are of me, Judy and Elder Gibson.
This baptism was one of the sweetest spiritual experiences I have ever been to and had, when she came up out of the water she asked "Did it look as beautiful as it felt?" And the spirit was so strong there, and she was beaming after that and the Sunday afterword where she was confirmed a member of the church. It was awesome!

Next week we have yet another baptism that I am looking forward to of Paul another Golden Investigator

Elder Bolliger - Now the only Bolliger Missionary in the field
Helaman 5:12

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