Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 77: Miracles, Plan of Salvation in Video Game Language, Farewell to Fresno Mission

As I was praying last week I got the distinct impression that there were still many more miracles that I would see on the mission. And boy if that wasn't true!

This Wednesday we got a call from a recently reactivated member that her fiancee wanted to take the lessons! We called him that day and set up an appointment with everyone. We went to his little teeny house--which you can definitely tell is a bachelor pad--and had our first lesson with him. His expectations for meeting with us were just to "learn all that we had to offer!" :) We can certainly accomplish that! We started with How to Begin Teaching and then it quickly transitioned to teaching the first lesson. He is really smart and so it was so wonderful to hear him dealing with the language of the Book of Mormon and Bible so easily!

We scheduled a church tour the next day and we were so excited for it! They all showed up again (investigator, his fiancee, the daughter of his fiancee, and the mom of his fiancee) and we gave them a tour! He accepted the invitation to come to church. The whole tour was basically him reteaching us the restoration! We watched part of the Restoration DVD and then committed him to be baptized. And he readily accepted! Hahahha. His date is for the 30th of October.

This particular man is very into video games. And so as Sister Wiese and I were preparing for our next lesson with him, the Plan of Salvation, we decided to put a little twist on it all. So, we related the plan of salvation to a video game! And my goodness. It went so well! Haha. Before we lived here on this earth, we lived with God and he was telling us about this video game that we would have to play so that we could receive more blessings! We were so excited for the release date (hah) and he explained to us the rules. That there would be consequences for every action but it was up to us whether we would follow God! Then, the video game was written (the Creation) and the first players came into the game. Adam and Eve. Our purpose here on earth is navigate the video game and get as many points as we can! But God hasn't left us to our own devices. Just like a video game, we can build our immunity and upgrade weapons by doing certain things--keeping the commandments and making covenants. And...the controller is in our hands. We can choose to wander around.. or we can proactively try to fulfill our quest. We're not alone though! This is a team effort. We can talk to our friends and family and learn from their mistakes. And..we have all of the secret codes and tricks! The scriptures! After we die we are waiting for our final score. Then, God tells us how we did! And based on our score, we can inherit one of the Kingdoms of Glory. :) He was so into it!!!

We also saw miracles with our investigators this week. Another insanely progressing young man in the Navy is preparing to go on detachment for three weeks. Well, we made him a det survival kit! It has all of the pamphlets, mini military scriptures with some awesome scriptures already marked, and a few DVDs. Haha. He was so excited! He nonchalantly mentioned that he had to switch shifts so that he could come to church on Sunday. Wow!

Things are a bit interesting this week as this Saturday is also another preparation day. Transfers got moved to Monday becuase of some things president has later next week, so everything is kind of crazy! I am not looking forward to leaving the mission. I love it so much! I am just trying so hard to stay focused and keep finding, teaching, and baptizing!

Sister Bolliger's Invite to the Fresno Mission Farewell Testimony Meeting

From the bottom of my heart, I'd just like to say,
How much I truly do want to stay!
This missionary time has been a privilege it's true,
Especially because I have met all of you!
I just wanted to thank y'all for the example you've shown,
From your Christ-like love, service (and teasing) I have grown!
So as it's time for me to prepare to leave,
This invitation to my farewell I hope you'll receive
With the remembrance of which missionary I am -
and that you'll come to my farewell if you can!
I'm off to new adventures with my faith in the Lord...
and with my missionary memories I'LL NEVER be bored!

Peace be the Journey -

Hermana Bolliger & Sister Bolliger - The Younger

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