Monday, January 24, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Fresno Week 40: "This Week Was Full of Much Ridiculousness", Mini-Zone Conf, Teamups With Sister Gonzalez, The Lord Seriously Know!

This week was full of much ridiculousness...but that seems to be my normal way of life. :) Let me explain how it was crazy, again. Haha.

We planned a mini-zone conference for our ward missionaries where they can understand and be trained just like missionaries! We set the date for the 23rd of January and began preparations early talking with President Gonzalez about how to go about having an exciting and enlightening training. We have been fretting and worrying about it ever since.

Well, last Thursday we had a zone meeting at the mission office and asked Sister Gonzalez jokingly if she would come on a teamup with us. She amazingly agreed and said that Sunday, the 23rd would work for her schedule. Woo! As we approached Sunday, we had many more people to still teach that week than time, and so decided that we would do splits Sunday night. We called a YSA to come with us Sunday evening.

When we woke up Sunday morning to get ready for our ward council meeting at 7:30, we were so petrified! We're always stressed about who will make it to church, but with the training that day and then splits with the Mission President's wife, there were some legitimate stressors.

We actually had so much to do that we ended up canceling our dinner appointment because there just was not going to be any time whatsoever to stop and eat! Haha. We were seriously running around all Sunday trying to get everything in order. Five minutes after we got back to our apartment after the training, one of our teamups showed up! Haha. No time to rest! There had even been more ridiculousness because we had not taken into account the driving situation and had to make a last minute switch as to who would go with who that night. Haha!

Thankfully everything went smoothly! Well, and if it didn't go smoothly, whatever happened we were at least able to fix in a timely manner. :) Our Bishop, and High Councilor over missionary work were also able to attend our training and we had a great turn out from our Ward Missionaries! We kept the training to about an hour and fifteen minutes and it was a great time to help them become comfortable with Preach My Gospel and review the importance of New Member Lessons.

Even though things were harried leading up to our splits, the evening was wonderful and both Sister To'a and I were able to see miracles and be able to get to everyone that we needed to see! Sister Gonzalez had been committed by the Assistants to commit someone to baptism, and she did! Eder Robles has been taught for quite some time, but he and his girlfriend need to be married before he can get baptized. It was a great lesson and Sister Gonzalez set a baptismal date with him for February 5th! She was so excited and the energy of the day just kept going right until we crashed after planning. :)

We have been able to find some amazing new investigators this week as well. It is just remarkable how the Lord puts things in place to help his children that are honestly seeking the truth! We received a referral from the CA Riverside Mission about a woman who felt lonely and whose friend had told her that the answers to her questions was church! We were able to go visit her and take along a recent convert and it was powerful! We all cried and were able to discuss how having Jesus Christ in our life allows us to have someone who knows exactly how we feel! We met her on Saturday and she came to Church yesterday and loved it! It's a unique situation because she is Cambodian, but whadayaknow, a woman just moved into the ward who is full Cambodian and also converted from Buddhism. :) Those little things help me realize how the Lord seriously knows what he is doing!

We have an investigator named Lavonda (who is white, btw), and she has been making slow slow slow progress. We were able to have a powerful lesson with her this week where she finally opened up and told us some of her concerns about coming on a church tour and attending church. She told us how she felt like she couldn't lie to us anymore because it was like lying to God. We were also able to take her on a church tour this week! She's in a wheelchair but lives right behind the church and so we just wheeled her over there! She also accepted the invitation to be baptized and will be baptized on March 5th!

Sister To'a and I cannot believe how quickly this transfer is going and how ridiculous the miracles are that we're seeing every single day! My Tongan is improving and while the cockroaches are still plaguing our apartment, we just keep having fun!

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